Thursday, March 3, 2011

From Larry Elder in How Obama's Alma Mater Treated an Iraq War Vet

American Enterprise Magazine looked at the political registrations of liberal arts professors who teach at a number of American colleges, big and small, elite and non-elite, public and private, and in all geographical areas of the country. A professor belonging to a party of the "right" was defined as one who is a registered member of the Republican Party or Libertarian Party. Party of the "left" meant a registered member of the Democratic, Green or Working Families Party. The results?

Harvard: Fifteen economics professors belong to a party of the left, with only one belonging to a party of the right. For political science, it was 20 left, one right. Sociology, 15 left, one right.

UCLA: In history, 53 professors were left, three right. Journalism, 12 left, one right. Political science, 16 left, one right. Women's studies, 31 left, two right.

Penn State University: The political science department had 17 left, three right. Economics, eight left, four right. Sociology, 34 left, three right.

University of Texas at Austin: 12 history professors were left, two right. Political science, 15 left, four right. Women's studies, 27 left, one right.

The Horowitz Freedom Center looked at the commencement speakers of 32 elite colleges and universities over a 10-year period for 1994 to 2003. Of those who were political figures or who spoke about politics or public policy, the study found: "The ratio of commencement speakers on the left and right was 223-15, a ratio of over 15-1. ... Twenty-two of the 32 schools surveyed did not have a single Republican or conservative speaker in the entire 10 years surveyed. The same schools invited 169 liberals and Democrats to address their graduating classes in the same 10-year period."

And, of course, the situation is the same in Canada. One only has to remember the reception that Anne Coulter received when she was scheduled to speak at Ottawa University last year and the event was canceled due to security concerns. With the institutes of education being taken over by the liberal mindset, is there any hope for kids to get an unbiased education? I remember my own days at York University, in the late 60's, early 70's, and the poet laureate for the university was none other than Alan Ginsberg. I still recall the shudder I felt as he recited his poem about anal intercourse - was I the only student there who thought "why is this disgusting stuff being called poetry?"

As Elder concludes: "Conservative or libertarian profs practically deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act."

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