Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Cost of Abortion

The evil must end.
No society that kills its young is going to survive.
- Michael Voris

A riveting video, The Cost of Abortion, just released by St. Michael's Media arrived in my mailbox today. I immediately ordered 5 more copies because I intend to give these to two priests in Halifax, the bishop, a reporter for CBC and a friend.

As Voris says, if you can't see that abortion is horrific for the killing that it is, then look at the financial cost of it. It doesn't take an economist to figure out how much revenue has been lost by the abortion of 50 million children in the US. Not to mention the ghost figure that half of those aborted children would have had their own children by now. The math is simple; the economic cost is 14 times the annual US budget. That's how much this loss of life has cost one country alone.

The video is only $17 US, $20 if you want the accompanying CD with additional resources. You can order it by clicking on this link.

The Cost of Abortion

And once you have your copy, see if you can convince your priest or pastor to show this to members of your congregation. We have not looked in depth at what abortion is doing to our world, this video is a start.

I just noticed that you can watch the video without even purchasing it. On the left, click on Watch It. Then click on the line in the centre, entitled The Cost of Abortion. Send this to your friends. It is quite astounding.

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