Monday, February 28, 2011

The Changing Face of Pro-Life

A pro-choice rally in Chicago, Walk for Choice, was surprised by a joyful group of young pro-lifers. They brought yellow helium balloons with the word Life on them, kept hidden in black garbage bags until they could release them simultaneously. The pro-choice supporters were asked to wear orange; hence the pro-lifers held a sign that said Orange You Glad to See Us! And they took over the pro-choice chants with Hey hey ho ho! Roe v Wade has got to go!

Meanwhile on the other side ---

One sign carried by a pro-choice supporter reveals that many people haven't got a clue about conception, eggs and fertilization. Everyone should know that an egg is not a baby chick; that egg must be fertilized. This person, trying to compare chicken eggs to human beings in utero is revealing incredible ignorance, sadly typical of many pro-choice supporters. The egg in the uterus, unlike an egg, is fertilized. And fertilization of the egg is exactly what makes a human being come into existence. One thing has to be acknowledged; the pro-life position really does have science on its side.

htAmerican Papist

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