Thursday, February 3, 2011

Second Video Released

Live Action has released a second video exposing a Planned Parenthood worker telling a pimp and his prostitute companion how to look after under-age girls in his prostitution ring, how to get abortions past the limit in Virginia, how to treat young prostitutes who have STDs.

Tonight there is a webcast on this breaking news; Lila Rose will be joined by pro-life leaders such as Abby Johnson, David Bereit, Alveda King amongst others. The videos have been forwarded to the attorney generals of the states involved and today, Lila is appearing on CNN - which means this has made the "big" news.

Planned Parenthood is being shown for what it does, which is to promote sexual activity regardless of age, situation, whether it is consensual or even qualifies as rape (given the age of the girl and the age of her partner).

The question has been raised "is it right for Christians to lie in order to get information such as this?" The old question of whether the means justifies the end.

The Catholic catechism has been quoted, stating that lying is intrinsically wrong.
However the definition of lie in the Catholic catechism is as follows:
#2483 "Lying is the most direct offense against the truth. To lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead into error someone who has the right to know the truth. By injuring man's relation to truth and to his neighbour, a lie offends against the fundamental relation of man and of his word to the Lord."

I must confess that I had some difficulty with this whole issue of whether Live Action was correct in lying to Planned Parenthood employees in order to gain information. It still leaves me puzzled as to the correct judgment on that action. However, in this case, the lies of Live Action are used to actually gain access to the truth, something that Planned Parenthood has been keeping from the public.
Since the law enforcement agencies will not do this work themselves, Live Action feels obligated to do it in their place. Now, if the police were conducting these stings, wouldn`t that be great!

But they aren`t and they won`t unless they are pressured into it. Perhaps this exposure by Live Action will compell them to investigate the actual workings of Planned Parenthood.

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Jill Stanek


chantal said...

I´m not sure on my stance on lying in this case. When society chooses to believe and encourage a lie that promotes the death of others. Telling the truth in such a society brings death to those who are vulnerable. Are we to tell the truth if lying will save their lives? Many Jews were saved because people lied to the Nazis about their whereabouts and to protect them.
There are different degrees of sins. In this case we are lying to protect of the innocents.

Julie Culshaw said...

I guess one of my big concerns is that people whom I respect, i.e Shawn Carney and David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, might find themselves compromised by getting involved in this "sting". I would hate to see these guys smeared by anything illicit.

Suzanne said...

Hi Julie

Thanks for bringing up this topic.

You know where I stand :)

The catechism says "lying by its nature is to be condemned."

In saying this, the Magisterium is issuing a wholesale condemnation of lying.

It's not just wrong because of circumstances, or results. It's wrong because of the act itself.

We tend to see lying as wrong because of the effects it brings on others. But we fail to see how lying changes us. When you lie, you introduce a division in yourself-- there's the truth and then there's the lie. It creates a kind of double-thinking.

This is not the way we are meant to be. We are meant to be authentic-- what's supposed to come out of our mouths is what's in our heads.

If you don't have that authenticity, you turn back from the road of truth. You can't be inauthentic and pursue Truth.

Circumstances do not change this one single bit. Whether you issue a little white lie, a really bad lie or a lie to save someone's life, it all has the same effect on the soul, according to the degree of gravity.

I know it is difficult to come to terms with this when lying gets you what you want, and it's really valuable-- as in the case of this sting. But this refusal to accept lying as a sin in every case makes me think of the way people refused to consider contraception as a sin in every case. They often thought up difficult cases to justify themselves. And some of them were tough cases. But contraception remains a sin even under those tough cases, and lying remains a sin even with respect to tough cases.