Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raymond Gravel Sues LifeSiteNews

Followers of LifeSiteNews will already know about the case of Raymond Gravel suing them for defamation and for personal injury to the tune of half a million dollars, a sum that would put LSN out of business. Gravel is a priest in the province of Quebec (I refuse to call him Father, since he does nothing to warrant that term of respect) who is unhappy with the pro-life online news resource because it has quoted him in the past, statements that he feels have damaged him.

Read the story here

Tonight, I was happy to get an email from a friend who forwarded me the link to this video. Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV has taken on Gravel and gives some of the background on this "dissident" priest. "Dissident" barely describes the extent of this man's aberration from the Catholic Church.

One has to wonder who is behind Gravel's action: the Bloc Quebecois? the homosexual community of Montreal? someone is putting this man up to his actions. And someone wants LifeSiteNews to disappear. Sorry, it's not going to happen! Too many real Catholics support it.


Suzanne said...

You have to wonder where he's getting the money to sue, or who's backing him.

Julie Culshaw said...

And how can he sue for damages when he hasn't been allowed to perform any priestly duties for two years now? LSN hasn't done any damage to him that he hasn't already done to himself.

Jenna said...

Please pray for Fr. Gravel. This whole situation has been making me feel very ill for some time now, and I do worry for him (although I worry for myself, for my husband, for our family, if he wins this suit). But the outrageous behavior of his should give us pause and remind us to pray.

Suzanne said...

Honestly, I think the real responsibilities lies at the feet of the bishops. NO ONE told him.