Saturday, January 8, 2011

Telecast with Abby Johnson

On Monday, 9 pm Central Time, there will be an important telecast for all people interested in the pro-life movement. Abby Johnson will speak about her change of heart. For 8 years, Abby worked for Planned Parenthood, first as a volunteer, then as a paid employee and she was director of the PP clinic in Bryan/College Station last fall when she had an experience that changed her life.

Abby saw the horror of what an abortion really is when she had to assist the abortionist in an ultra-sound-guided abortion. Even though she had been working for Planned Parenthood in the belief that she was helping women in difficult circumstances, she did not really understand that abortion was the taking of a life. Faced with this truth, Abby wept and turned to the only place where she knew she could find help - at the Coalition for Life across the street, the very place that was organizing the prayer vigil of 40 Days outside her work place.

This is the story of grace, when God extends His mercy to a person and that person responds. It is the earth-shaking event of a heart changing and turning from its own agenda to God's. While we may not think this changes very much in the outside world, in the real world, the world of how God views reality, this is momentous.

You can hear Abby's story live next Monday evening. To hear the telecast, you need to go to this link Unplanned Webcast
and sign up. Then you will have access to the live telecast on Monday evening. If you are unable to listen at that time, sign up and you will be able to access the recorded version of it at your own convenience.

I believe this event is of great import to the pro-life movement, not just in the US, but also here in Canada. Abby Johnson's book, Unplanned, will be released the following day and already it has presold on Amazon and it is at #227. A number of pro-life leaders have already read the book and they are speaking in glowing terms of Abby's conversion story and are surprised by some of the revelations she makes about Planned Parenthood and its agenda.

Email your pro-life friends and ask them to listen as well. The more people who hear Abby's story, the more minds and hearts will be confirmed of the importance of speaking up for those who have no voice.

MTV just released an ad-free show called No Easy Decision, a followup to their popular show Teen Mothers. I am not a TV watcher, so I have never seen an episode of Teen Mother, but I have seen it on the rag mags at the grocery store. Apparently the producers of that show thought that an unplanned teen pregnancy holds three possibilities - having the baby and keeping it, giving the baby up for adoption, or abortion. And they thought no one ever spoke about how hard it is to decide to have an abortion. So they followed one young girl Markai, who was facing her second teen pregnancy while raising her first baby, finishing high school and attempting to go to college. The show is interesting, but extremely sad, because Markai doesn't want to have the abortion but feels that it is the best decision for her future, for her boyfriend, and for her daughter who is 9 months old. Her boyfriend convinces her that they simply cannnot have a second child right now, that they can't afford it, that her future will be ruined and that their children will be facing poverty just as he did. Their discussion is very reasonable, but at one point Markai says to her boyfriend "that lump of cells could turn out to be her" and she points at their daughter. She knows, she will always regret the baby that she aborted, but she is being convinced by the people around her that this is the best decision she could have made.

I found particularly shocking that Markai was using the Depo shot as her contraceptive. A young girl, under the age of 20, getting monthly injections of a hormonal contraceptive. Why is no one informing her of the consequences of that decision? So now she is a young girl on birth control, and now a post-abortive woman as well, and no one, no one at all, is telling her of the possible risks she is facing in the future. This is deplorable. In less than 20 years, Markai will very likely be facing breast cancer and she may have no future whatsoever with the child she so wants to protect.

Not everyone who is on hormonal birth control gets breast cancer, not everyone who has an induced abortion gets breast cancer, but the evidence is there. Yet doctors are not informing themselves of this; they remain oblivious to the fact that they are interfering with a body's normal system of reproduction and they think there will be no consequences to that?

Sad as Markai is during this television show, I fear that she is going to be facing much more sadness in her life. Lord have mercy.

You can view the video No Easy Decision
No Easy Decision

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