Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Night's Telecast

I hope you had a chance to listen in to the telecast last night, when Abby Johnson spoke of her leaving Planned Parenthood a year ago and finding herself turning to help to the very people she had opposed. While viewing an ultrasound-guided abortion, Abby realised that her job as director of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan Texas was a job that facilitated the killing of human beings. Someone with less conscience might just have left and found another job, but Abby felt she had to seek help because she knew she had been convicted of wrong-doing by God Himself. And she turned to the group that had been praying outside her workplace for the past six years.

What followed was a complete conversion of heart and mind. And Abby has chronicled this in a book entitled Unplanned. Yesterday this book was #227 on the Amazon best seller list, even though it was not even scheduled for release until today.

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In the book, Abby reveals new information about herself, the fact that she obtained a surgical abortion in 2000 and a medical abortion in 2003. She finds it incredible that, raised in a Christian pro-life home, she could have ended up at the doors of Planned Parenthood seeking abortion as a solution to two unplanned pregnancies. Her entire work at PP was to prevent unplanned pregnancies, or so she thought. But, as she got to know the workings of Planned Parenthood better, she realised that they don't want to make abortion "legal, safe, and rare". In fact, their agenda is quite the opposite, to make women dependent upon contraception and, when that fails, as it so often does, to provide them with the obvious solution - abortion.

Abby said, that with very few exceptions, every woman she counseled at Planned Parenthood who was pregnant, had been using some form of birth control. So contraception is not the answer to reducing unwanted pregnancies. She said this is a myth, in fact every statement made by Planned Parenthood is a deception.

Abby's testimony is astounding, and her book will rattle many people in the pro-choice population. It is the hope of many pro-lifers that it will lead to the conversion of many more who work in the abortion industry. I loved Abby's statement to Shawn Carney and David Bereit that pro-lifers must show up in the public places where abortions are taking place but they must also be ready with a game plan. Because conversions such as hers are going to happen and we should expect them to happen, and we must be ready to hit the road running as Shawn Carney did when Abby turned to him for help. For, as Abby says, "God is in the business of miracles".

Abby writes a blog and you can keep up with her regular posts, many of which are requests for a week of prayer for a particular abortionist. This is a woman to whom we should be paying attention; she has a lot to tell us.

Abby Johnson's blog

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