Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Texas

hi from Texas where the temperature is currently 16 degrees Celsius (compare that to Halifax which is now frigid) and I am with my daughter and her husband and family as she has just given birth to baby #3.

I will leave that news to her blog which I am sure she will update in a couple of days when she gets home.
Suffice to say that baby Miriam Inez entered the world this morning weighing in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 18 3/4 inches, looking a bit like her brother Rhett. Rebecca is happy to be no longer pregnant, as she has been sick four times in the last three months with colds and the flu, all the kids have been sick as well, and pregnancy is just so hard towards the end. Plus she loves nursing new-borns and already baby Miriam has latched on and is doing well.

I thank God for her safe arrival into the world and have to say she has a great mom and a wonderful dad, Nathan, who does so much tirelessly for his beloved family.


Elena said...

yay!!!! she sounded drugged out but good on the phone this morning. can't wait to see pictures. how is your hip?

Julie Culshaw said...

My hip is feeling pretty good actually, it has been much better the past few weeks. Here's hoping this continues, perhaps it was the fall change of weather in Hfx that made it so troublesome.
Rebecca called at lunch time to see how the boys were, she was concerned that they were "too much" for me. Sounded pretty good, she kept saying how beautiful Miriam was. Good to hear. I will take photos this afternoon when I go in with the boys. Once I navigate my way through Tyler!

Jaclyn said...

Wonderful news! Thanks for the update. I can't wait for Rebecca to share how it all went - and to see pictures, of course. :) Please send her my congratulations.

Julie Culshaw said...

oops, the name is Miriam Ines, spelt the Mexican way.

Elena said...

i'm waiting for pics