Monday, January 31, 2011

The Pill - What Women Should Know

“About 600 women in Canada every year are getting breast cancer due to the birth control pill before age of 50. Six hundred may not seem like a lot, but if it is your sister, your mom, and you feel a lump at age 45, that’s important and that’s tragic. ” - Dr. Chris Kahlenborn

Dr. Del Hahn, MD, discussing the problem with women being on the pill and why the media and the medical community is silent about this issue

Friday, January 28, 2011

This speech is just as timely today as when Ronald Reagan gave it twenty-five years ago.

Abraham Lincoln recognized that we could not survive as a free land when some could decide whether others should be free or slaves. Well, today another question begs to be asked: how can we survive as a free nation if some decide that others are not fit to live and should be done away with?
- Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, 1981-1989

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Respect This Guy

Professor Mark Mercer, a philosophy professor at St. Mary's University here in Halifax, is making waves again. Well, little ones as the press doesn't want to cover anything pro-life here.

He was vocal two years ago when Jojo Ruba came to give a talk at SMU entitled Abortion: Echoes of the Holocaust and a group of pro-choice rebels crashed the talk at the very beginning and would not allow Ruba to continue. Security did nothing to stop them and a university official was called; her solution was to ask Mr. Ruba to move his talk off campus to a nearby church. This made news all over the country as SMU became known as a university that did not uphold free speech. Mercer criticized the students at SMU for their behaviour; as well he criticized the faculty at SMU for not supporting Ruba's right to free speech nor the right of the newly-ratified pro-life club to hold the event.

I was pleased to read this and now I see Mercer is speaking up again.

From Free Canuckistan, I read:

Via the Infidel Prof. Mark Mercer in Halifax, NS:

HE WRITES-- “ has just posted this report: … Sadly.. local media haven’t carried the story, despite the news tips I sent around.

My Cranky Professor column this week consists in a couple fantasy memos to the university community 1) apologizing for the order to remove the sign and 2) promising to do better next time. The PDF of The Journal is here; my article is on p. 4. You might be interested in the two short articles by a member of the Women’s Centre on the topic of freedom of expression on campus that appear on p. 5.

Here’s how the story goes, just in case you want to know:

1) At 9 am Tuesday 30 November, members of the student society Students for Life set up a pro-life display on a table in the Loyola Building. This was all in accordance with SMUSA and university regulations about displays and demonstrations. The display did not impede traffic in Loyola or cause noise.

2) Other SMU students occasionally spoke with the students manning the display, either to debate abortion with them or to register their offense at seeing pro-life literature and signs.

3) Around 1 pm, Sidarth Tikoo, the SMUSA Society Coordinator, came to the table and ordered the group to remove a particular sign. The sign said “Women Do Regret Abortion.” (I’ve seen a photo of it. Neither James Urquhart, who published in the Journal a criticism of SMUSA’s order, nor Matt Anderson, who published in the Journal a letter partially in response to Urquhart, got the sign right. I don’t think it matters in the least what the sign said, though Mr Anderson does.) The people at the table complied. At around 3.30 the members took down the rest of the display and went home, as they had planned to.

4) SMUSA president Matt Anderson and Mr Tikoo have said that they had received complaints about that sign. (Mr Tikoo said something to the effect of not wanting to have to deal with any more crying girls, a remark originally attributed by the editor of the Journal to Alwyn Gomez.) Mr Tikoo acted on Mr Anderson’s request and authority in ordering the students to remove the sign. Mr Anderson attempted to explain and justify his decision in a letter to the editor, printed in last week’s edition of the Journal.

5) An incompetent piece of reporting describing the incident appeared in the December 8 – 14 edition of the Journal. That’s when I first heard about it. I immediately sent email messages to SMU president Colin Dodds and SMU vice-president academic David Gauthier, thinking from the report that the university had issued the order. On 10 December, once we all knew that it was SMUSA and not Saint Mary’s that had interfered with the expression of opinion on campus, I received an email message from Colin saying that he takes the incident very seriously. He didn’t say whether he was for it or against it or what he intended to do.

6) David Gauthier told me early last week that he is having discussions with SMUSA (what’s to discuss?, I asked him). Still, as of today, the administration has said and done nothing.

The continuing important story, then, is the administration’s implicit refusal to comment on the matter.”

I just heard that Professor Mark Mercer has agreed to debate Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform at Dalhousie University on March 8. The debate is being organized by the pro-life group at Dal, a brand new group that just got ratified. The topic, at least what was told me last night, is Is Abortion Morally Wrong and Should It Be Made Illegal? This should be excellent, Stephanie is a cracker-jack debater and for once, someone here in Atlantic Canada, has the guts to step up to the plate and debate with her. Kudos to Mark Mercer.

Imagine ....

By empowering the community with knowledge about lifesaving methods such as skin-to-skin care and immediate breastfeeding, the project cut the mortality rate for newborns in half in only 16 months without introducing any new technology. Not a single tool used in the Shivgarh project was developed in a scientific laboratory.

I was blown away by what I saw, but I still wanted to see proof that results like this could also happen outside of the confines of a controlled study environment.

Imagine if the enthusiasm shown in this column by Melinda Gates was evidenced in saving lives within the womb!

h/t Huffington Post

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feminist Thinking - a certain lens

From the site, Feminists for Choice, one reads:

The pro-choice movement supports a woman’s right to control her own body. “Because once a woman has the ability to determine her reproductive destiny, she can aspire to control her destiny in every other area as well. Reproductive self-determination is the most fundamental civil and human right a woman can have. It’s the key to enjoying full equality, liberty, and justice. And that’s the very right that the right-wing extremists are fighting so hard to take away.We must speak out about what is happening, and protest the fact that our country is being hijacked by the far right. This is not a partisan matter; it is a human matter that touches all of our lives.” ~Gloria Feldt, former president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America

I have always thought that the pro-choice ideology was resentment at being female, a desire to be like men who seem to be able to sloff off parenthood so easily, and a basic belief that life has been unfair in the creation of gender.

A woman can look at the fact that she is fertile and able to bear children as a blessing, as something that she is gifted with (unlike men), or she can see it as the adversary that prevents her from doing other things and gets in the way of a certain lifestyle. Isn't it really seeing one's femaleness as either a glass half full or a glass half empty?

Unfortunately, the majority of women who seek abortions are not doing so out of a feminist ideology, because their pregnancy is interfering with their life and choices. For most women, the sacrifice of one's baby to the abortionist's instruments is done out of desperation, because she lacks support from family, friends, and mainly the baby's father to bear his child. This proclaimed "choice" is not choice at all for most women, but the feeling that they actually have no choice.

Meanwhile the feminists rail against the anti-abortion crowd, fearing that their "reproductive rights" will be assaulted. What they fail to realise is that when pro-life people reach out and touch the heart of a woman faced with an abortion, the feminist rhetoric rings hollow. Women know this is their child, and given better circumstances, most of them would choose to give that child a chance at life.

Monday, January 24, 2011

2923 Comments - WOW!

So what column got that many comments?

Michelle Malkin's column in, entitled The Philadephia Horror: How Mass Murder Gets a Pass

Deadly indifference to protecting life isn't tangential to the abortion industry's existence -- it's at the core of it. The Philadelphia Horror is no anomaly. It's the logical, bloodcurdling consequence of an evil, eugenics-rooted enterprise wrapped in feminist clothing.

You kind of have to read the rest of it, don't you think?

Walk for Life West Coast - Abby Johnson

This gave me chills down my spine! Hooray, praise God !

Conference on Using the Web to Promote Life

Listening to the Family Research Council's online pro-life conference this morning, I was struck by the emphasis on the repeal of Obamacare as the top pro-life priority.
As a Canadian with tax-paid abortions in this country, I agree wholeheartedly. This is the real reason why the abortion issue doesn't get discussed in Canada - we are used to it, it has become part of the medical services provided to anyone who seeks it, and those who are opposed have very little way to express our disagreement with this.

So yes, Americans, do work hard to repeal ObamaCare which will expand abortion enormously in your country. And Canadians, I don't know what to say - I am beginning to think that we can only hope that the US will make huge changes in their country on the issue of abortion and that Canadian politicians will have to pay attention when they see that. They might begin to see that we are really living out a middle-ages ideology of violence against those we don't want. Legalized abortion is something that any enlightened person should recognize is absolutely mediaeval.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask Them What They Mean by Choice

"There is no reasonable person who can say that 'I was never an embryo'." -
Dr. Carlo Bellieni, a neo-natal doctor in Siena, Italy

Today, NARAL has asked pro-choice people to blog for choice, using their own blogs, Facebook, Twitter. Jill Stanek has responded by asking pro-lifers to also blog, comment, tweet on this subject. Her suggestion is to google "Blog for Choice" throughout the day and then comment respectfully on those sites that are hailing abortion as a woman's choice.

As she says, "what is there to celebrate about abortion?"
Choice is a word that the anti-life forces have taken and bastardized to make abortion sound like a good thing. But all choices imply an object - choice by itself is not a good value, it is what one chooses that is either good or bad.

Choosing to destroy a life in order to continue one's own life unencumbered is a terrible choice for a woman to have to make. We women are stronger than the pro-choice side says: we can finish school, continue working, continue caring for our families and have a baby. One does not preclude the other.

Oprah Winfrey stated just recently that when her baby died after birth when she was just 14 years old, she felt that she had been given a second chance at life. People hear this and are taken in by this goddess of the airwaves. Why does her chance at life depend upon another's death? This is a terribly sad statement, yet Oprah has made it and the world swoons. Wake up, ladies, this is insanity. Your baby's life does not mean that yours is over; surely we are able to love enough to allow another to "mess up" our lives a little. You might be surprised, that baby might actually give you a chance at a life you might otherwise never have.

So ask them what do they mean by choice? Choose what? Abortion is the killing of a human being because someone else has decided their life is not that valuable.

Pro-choicers are running scared because the population is becoming aware of the extent of abortion. And the majority of people, when informed of what abortion actually does and how many there are, want an end to this horror. It is good that they are running scared, because we will end abortion in our countries. The human heart was made for truth and for love, abortion is neither of those.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Root of Palin Hatred

An interesting article about the source of the unhinged hatred of Sarah Palin. Having encountered this myself recently on the blog of a former friend, I was mystified as to its source. This article, written by a man, gives one cause to think.

Palinoia, the Destroyer - by James Taranto

Professional jealousy and intellectual snobbery, however, only scratch the surface of the left's bizarre attitude toward Palin. They explain the intensity of the disdain, but not the outright hatred--not why some people whose grasp of reality is sufficient to function in society made the insane inference that she was to blame for a madman's attempt to murder Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.
... Sarah Palin's opposition to abortion rights is a personal affront, and a deep one. It doesn't help that Palin lives by her beliefs. To the contrary, it intensifies the offense.
Liberal women are the active, driving force behind hatred of Sarah Palin, while liberal men's behavior is passive and manipulative. In this respect, feminism has succeeded in reversing the traditional sexual stereotypes. If this is the result, you have to wonder why anyone would have bothered.

My own conclusion is that it is not just abortion that is the root of this hatred, although one's stand on the life issue is certainly the litmus test for women these days. I think that it is Palin's faith that is the dividing line: a woman who professes belief in God and states that she is accountable to Him for her actions is a rebuke to all those liberal women, most of whom have abandoned formal religion with the moral accountability that it precludes. Sarah Palin, mother of five, successful career woman, and professed Christian, is a woman who looks genuinely happy and that makes many women uncomfortable. Perhaps she makes them wonder if they got it wrong.

Abby Johnson Interview

Focus on the Family interviewed Abby Johnson and Shawn Carney in two programs on Jan 19 and 20. For those who could not hear this interview live, you can click here and listen to the two programs at your own convenience.

Focus on the Family broadcast

Please send this link to your friends and acquaintances. Even to those who are pro-choice; it is so genuine, that they will have to pay attention to this. After all, the truth converted Abby Johnson, it can also set others free.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pro Life in USA

This afternoon, I left my daughter's home in Tyler Texas and was driving to Dallas airport; I switched on the radio which I had previously set to a Christian station that featured a lot of talk radio. To my surprise, the show was just beginning with a live interview with Abby Johnson, the latest addition to pro-life activists in the US. Abby left her job as director of the Bryan/College Station Planned Parenthood clinic in the fall of 2009 and has since undergone an amazing transformation.

Her book Unplanned was released last week and the last I heard it had rocketed to #3 on Amazon and a similar place at Barnes & Noble books. Apparently a book's sales in the first two weeks determine its fate; if it doesn't do well, it simply won't get promoted, so this bodes well for Abby's book.

The interview was interesting because the interviewer focused on Abby's portrayal of the people who work in the abortion industry. Even veteran pro-life blogger, Jill Stanek, was surprised by what Abby had to say. Basically, Abby wants pro-lifers to realise that many many people who work in the abortion industry, and specifically Planned Parenthood, are well-meaning concerned individuals who truly care about women. But they are completely deceived. Many feel uncomfortable in their work and some have told Abby they wish to leave but are afraid and unsure of their futures.

Her current work is often with those who are working in the abortion industry and wish to leave. Since the beginning of the 40 Days campaigns in 2004, a total of 43 workers have left the abortion business. Abby has nothing but praise for 40 Days for Life, a campaign that she says conveys love and concern for both the women who seek abortions and those who provide them, while standing firm on the tenet that abortion is deadly wrong. (Prior to the first 40 Days campaign outside Abby's workplace, there had been some pro-life people holding vigil there. One was dressed as the grim reaper and shouted slogans at those going in. When 40 Days began, Shawn Carney and David Bereit chased those folks away, thank goodness.)

Abby is quite a good speaker, able to converse easily without a script. She speaks from a unique experience, both as a woman who has had two abortions, but also as one who worked to actively promote the pro-choice climate. She admitted that, while she does regret her own abortions, that was not the most difficult thing to come to terms with. What she found hardest was the fact that she had been complicit in convincing thousands of women to kill their children. She said that her healing began when she came out to pray at the 40 Days vigil site outside her workplace, seventeen days after quitting her job there. Late at night, in pyjamas and with wet hair, she stood and looked through the fence at her workplace and, in her words, she "faced her sin." From there, God began to work mightily in her life, and she is surprised that she is doing what she is, since she never considered herself to be a spokesperson before.

The next hour of the program featured several other people active in different aspects of the pro-life ministry in the US. One woman heads up the political group, Republicans for Life, and another was someone who works with women in post-abortive ministry.

The life issue is alive and tangible in the US, unlike my own country of Canada. When I hear people talking about the senators who have declared their pro-life convictions publicly, and the results of the latest election which saw many pro-life Republicans replacing Democrats in the House, I am struck by how problematic the situation is in Canada.

Not only can one not discuss abortion openly in Canada, or get an article in the local newspaper about it, our politicians will not even open a debate on it. In fact, they simply do not have the freedom to be anything but in agreement with the status quo. So, unlike the American political scene which is open and full of vigorous debate, our Canadian politics is stymied and full of political correctness, even though the abortion situation is such that we actually have no law whatsoever. It was dropped in 1988 and never picked up again, and no one has had the guts to raise it again. Considered a done deal, our MPs say that it is "settled"; meanwhile over 300 babies are killed every day in our country.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update on Linda Gibbons

A breakthrough in Linda's case, as Judge Mara Greene has called for three days of hearings into the alleged abuse of the law in Linda's prosecution since 2001.

Read more here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Night's Telecast

I hope you had a chance to listen in to the telecast last night, when Abby Johnson spoke of her leaving Planned Parenthood a year ago and finding herself turning to help to the very people she had opposed. While viewing an ultrasound-guided abortion, Abby realised that her job as director of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan Texas was a job that facilitated the killing of human beings. Someone with less conscience might just have left and found another job, but Abby felt she had to seek help because she knew she had been convicted of wrong-doing by God Himself. And she turned to the group that had been praying outside her workplace for the past six years.

What followed was a complete conversion of heart and mind. And Abby has chronicled this in a book entitled Unplanned. Yesterday this book was #227 on the Amazon best seller list, even though it was not even scheduled for release until today.

I strongly suggest that you get a copy and buy a copy for someone else too. Click here for easy ordering
Amazon books

In the book, Abby reveals new information about herself, the fact that she obtained a surgical abortion in 2000 and a medical abortion in 2003. She finds it incredible that, raised in a Christian pro-life home, she could have ended up at the doors of Planned Parenthood seeking abortion as a solution to two unplanned pregnancies. Her entire work at PP was to prevent unplanned pregnancies, or so she thought. But, as she got to know the workings of Planned Parenthood better, she realised that they don't want to make abortion "legal, safe, and rare". In fact, their agenda is quite the opposite, to make women dependent upon contraception and, when that fails, as it so often does, to provide them with the obvious solution - abortion.

Abby said, that with very few exceptions, every woman she counseled at Planned Parenthood who was pregnant, had been using some form of birth control. So contraception is not the answer to reducing unwanted pregnancies. She said this is a myth, in fact every statement made by Planned Parenthood is a deception.

Abby's testimony is astounding, and her book will rattle many people in the pro-choice population. It is the hope of many pro-lifers that it will lead to the conversion of many more who work in the abortion industry. I loved Abby's statement to Shawn Carney and David Bereit that pro-lifers must show up in the public places where abortions are taking place but they must also be ready with a game plan. Because conversions such as hers are going to happen and we should expect them to happen, and we must be ready to hit the road running as Shawn Carney did when Abby turned to him for help. For, as Abby says, "God is in the business of miracles".

Abby writes a blog and you can keep up with her regular posts, many of which are requests for a week of prayer for a particular abortionist. This is a woman to whom we should be paying attention; she has a lot to tell us.

Abby Johnson's blog

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Telecast with Abby Johnson

On Monday, 9 pm Central Time, there will be an important telecast for all people interested in the pro-life movement. Abby Johnson will speak about her change of heart. For 8 years, Abby worked for Planned Parenthood, first as a volunteer, then as a paid employee and she was director of the PP clinic in Bryan/College Station last fall when she had an experience that changed her life.

Abby saw the horror of what an abortion really is when she had to assist the abortionist in an ultra-sound-guided abortion. Even though she had been working for Planned Parenthood in the belief that she was helping women in difficult circumstances, she did not really understand that abortion was the taking of a life. Faced with this truth, Abby wept and turned to the only place where she knew she could find help - at the Coalition for Life across the street, the very place that was organizing the prayer vigil of 40 Days outside her work place.

This is the story of grace, when God extends His mercy to a person and that person responds. It is the earth-shaking event of a heart changing and turning from its own agenda to God's. While we may not think this changes very much in the outside world, in the real world, the world of how God views reality, this is momentous.

You can hear Abby's story live next Monday evening. To hear the telecast, you need to go to this link Unplanned Webcast
and sign up. Then you will have access to the live telecast on Monday evening. If you are unable to listen at that time, sign up and you will be able to access the recorded version of it at your own convenience.

I believe this event is of great import to the pro-life movement, not just in the US, but also here in Canada. Abby Johnson's book, Unplanned, will be released the following day and already it has presold on Amazon and it is at #227. A number of pro-life leaders have already read the book and they are speaking in glowing terms of Abby's conversion story and are surprised by some of the revelations she makes about Planned Parenthood and its agenda.

Email your pro-life friends and ask them to listen as well. The more people who hear Abby's story, the more minds and hearts will be confirmed of the importance of speaking up for those who have no voice.

MTV just released an ad-free show called No Easy Decision, a followup to their popular show Teen Mothers. I am not a TV watcher, so I have never seen an episode of Teen Mother, but I have seen it on the rag mags at the grocery store. Apparently the producers of that show thought that an unplanned teen pregnancy holds three possibilities - having the baby and keeping it, giving the baby up for adoption, or abortion. And they thought no one ever spoke about how hard it is to decide to have an abortion. So they followed one young girl Markai, who was facing her second teen pregnancy while raising her first baby, finishing high school and attempting to go to college. The show is interesting, but extremely sad, because Markai doesn't want to have the abortion but feels that it is the best decision for her future, for her boyfriend, and for her daughter who is 9 months old. Her boyfriend convinces her that they simply cannnot have a second child right now, that they can't afford it, that her future will be ruined and that their children will be facing poverty just as he did. Their discussion is very reasonable, but at one point Markai says to her boyfriend "that lump of cells could turn out to be her" and she points at their daughter. She knows, she will always regret the baby that she aborted, but she is being convinced by the people around her that this is the best decision she could have made.

I found particularly shocking that Markai was using the Depo shot as her contraceptive. A young girl, under the age of 20, getting monthly injections of a hormonal contraceptive. Why is no one informing her of the consequences of that decision? So now she is a young girl on birth control, and now a post-abortive woman as well, and no one, no one at all, is telling her of the possible risks she is facing in the future. This is deplorable. In less than 20 years, Markai will very likely be facing breast cancer and she may have no future whatsoever with the child she so wants to protect.

Not everyone who is on hormonal birth control gets breast cancer, not everyone who has an induced abortion gets breast cancer, but the evidence is there. Yet doctors are not informing themselves of this; they remain oblivious to the fact that they are interfering with a body's normal system of reproduction and they think there will be no consequences to that?

Sad as Markai is during this television show, I fear that she is going to be facing much more sadness in her life. Lord have mercy.

You can view the video No Easy Decision
No Easy Decision

Friday, January 7, 2011

Photos from Texas

as requested by her sister, Elena, here are some photos taken on Jan 6 and 7. Baby Miriam arrived on Jan 6 in the early morning. Her brothers Rhett and Jasper were wired when they came to the hospital and were bouncing off the walls, well actually the bed.
I have to admit I am very impressed with the hospital, wow, I never had a room like that when I gave birth to any of my kids, LOL.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Texas

hi from Texas where the temperature is currently 16 degrees Celsius (compare that to Halifax which is now frigid) and I am with my daughter and her husband and family as she has just given birth to baby #3.

I will leave that news to her blog which I am sure she will update in a couple of days when she gets home.
Suffice to say that baby Miriam Inez entered the world this morning weighing in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 18 3/4 inches, looking a bit like her brother Rhett. Rebecca is happy to be no longer pregnant, as she has been sick four times in the last three months with colds and the flu, all the kids have been sick as well, and pregnancy is just so hard towards the end. Plus she loves nursing new-borns and already baby Miriam has latched on and is doing well.

I thank God for her safe arrival into the world and have to say she has a great mom and a wonderful dad, Nathan, who does so much tirelessly for his beloved family.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

State Control

I live in a province that has an NDP government. To me, this means a government that will pervade the private sector more and more. Many of my friends see this as help to those who are disadvantaged, as a friend who said that before we try to reduce abortion, we should be providing young women with the help they need to become good mothers. That help, of course, would be in the form of government-run maternal mentoring programs.

When I mention the fact that my oldest daughter lives in the US and that there is no unemployment insurance there, friends here are shocked. This is what the nanny state produces: the idea that we should be entitled to all manner of things, provided by our government. What people neglect to notice is that all of this is provided by taxation, which comes from those who work.

So there exists a contradiction in their thought; they want the freedom to make certain choices, e.g. take a year off after having a baby and collect maternity benefits, while at the same time they want the government to pay for that without infringing into their private lives too much.

You can't have it both ways.

As witnessed in Quebec this past week, when it was legislated that government-funded daycares cannot make any mention of anything religious in their daily routine. They can put up a Christmas nativity scene but they cannot tell the children who the people are or what is happening. Because the government-funded daycares cost so little (at least on the surface) - parents pay $7 per day, and the government pays the other $40 - other daycares don't really have much of a chance to survive. This is the first step towards total control of the children. Provide the daycare for the parents, hard to refuse at such a price, and then decide what can or cannot be taught in that daycare.

I read somewhere that the first step in all totalitarian states is to control the education system and the minds of the young. Well, take a look at secular Quebec. The minds of children from age one up are now being filled with state-legislated material.

I find it distressing that people who have a liberal mindset buy into this thinking and don't realise the implications of it. This past week, I found it very disturbing to read a friend's blog, she is one of the NDP liberal mind-set, and she had the audacity to call Sarah Palin "a nasty piece of work" as well as "the Paris Hilton of American politics" and yet she did not cite one single reason for her name-calling.

I used to think that Ann Coulter went too far in viewing liberals as idiots, but I am beginning to think that her tactic of exaggeration to make a point, might actually be hitting the mark accurately.

There is a disconnect between well-meaning people's belief that we should all hold moral values and the belief that letting the state control more and more of our lives will actually help that to come about. Surely, a little reading of history should set them straight.

h/t Father Raymond de Souza

11 Hours of Watching

If anyone has a lot of time to kill, or perhaps wants to knit a sweater, try the original version of Brideshead Revisited, starring Jeremy Irons.

My husband and I watched the last disc of this 4-disc set last night. A marathon of movie-watching, for a couple who rarely turn the tv on for more than 2 hours per week.

It had my husband in tears several times, so close to his British roots of being a long-time English Catholic. And I had to wipe away tears at a couple of spots when profound truths were stated, not so much in lengthy words, but in hints and phrases.

English movies of this ilk really are a treasure of language if you appreciate that and even a non-believer might appreciate the richness of the dialogue. But where it really hits home is that core of the Catholic faith, the belief in the Eucharist with the flame burning in the Flight family chapel through generations, only to be extinguished upon Lady Marchmain's death when the tabernacle was left open (as a perpetual Good Friday said Cordelia) but then re-ignited when the house was used by the army during the second world war.

11 hours of watching, but rarely does a movie stay so accurate to the book and that is a good thing in my estimation. As for the knitting, I have almost completed the back of a sweater, so grab your knitting needles and turn it on.

Check out the story line at Wikipedia