Monday, December 13, 2010

When Babies Become Commodities

The pro-life movement has warned of this for a long time: it is part of the "slippery slope" from accepting abortion, to regarding life as cheap and babies as products instead of the people they really are.

Assembling the Global Baby

In a hospital room on the Greek island of Crete with views of a sapphire sea lapping at ancient fortress walls, a Bulgarian woman plans to deliver a baby whose biological mother is an anonymous European egg donor, whose father is Italian, and whose birth is being orchestrated from Los Angeles....
The man bringing together this disparate group is Rudy Rupak, chief executive of LLC, a California company that searches the globe to find the components for its business line. The business, in this case, is creating babies.

Price ranges from $32.000 to $200,000. A tempting proposition to a woman who lives in poverty, and I have heard that this appeals to Romanians who are one of the poorest peoples in Europe. It is also becoming a practice in India, and there have been several cases written about recently of women in Britain being surrogates.

h/t Jill Stanek

And a recent quote from Celine Dion who had twins conceived by IVF, but was originally supposed to have triplets.

One little baby decided to step back to help the other two survive. The doctors said to me if there’s something wrong, natures takes it’s course. “I still think of the one who stepped back. I’m sure every woman has the feeling about -the little one that’s not there.

"stepped back"? another sterile way to say "died", I suppose.

h/t ProWomanProLife

For a good read on the Catholic teaching on conception and why IVF and surrogacy would be wrong, check this link:

Accepting Abundance

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