Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Linda Gibbons Blog

The case of Linda Gibbons has been of interest to me for a couple of years now and I periodically post about this pro-life victim. I decided that the subject deserves its own blog.
I have put one up, with the history of Linda's arrests and time in jail. Some years are not clear as the page on LifeSiteNews has disappeared with their new website. I will fill in what is missing as soon as I can find the info.

Free Linda

I have been corresponding with Linda since Christmas 2008 and her letters arrive regularly, at least one per month. So I am including excerpts from her letters as well on the blog.

The blog is intended to simply bring public awareness to Linda's plight. For the past 16 years, she has spent more than half of them in jail. Her crime - protesting outside an abortion clinic in Toronto, and breaking the injunction that put a "temporary bubble zone" there in 1994.

For someone who doesn't hurt a fly, that is a lot of time to have spent in jail for your convictions. And all that time, the staff of the abortion clinic have free access to their clients on the sidewalk although Linda does not. Yet the sidewalk is a public zone; so why is Linda forbidden to be there, yet pro-abortion supporters can do whatever they want in that same space?

Clearly, this is a miscarriage of justice. And to think that this happens in Canada is shocking, we are supposed to be a free democratic country. This sort of thing only happens in places like North Korea, or so we think.

The recent arrest of pro-life students on Carleton University campus is bringing this kind of biased justice to light. You can have free speech on anything, just be sure it isn't anti-abortion.

Years ago, a woman in England heard about Linda and contacted Amnesty International, thinking that surely this organization would intervene. They refused, stating that they would not get involved in a case about abortion. And the last few years has shown that Amnesty is solidly pro-choice.

I think that it is only the general public who can make this issue more known. Canadians, no matter what their stand on abortion, should be embarrassed that our justice system has kept a woman like Linda Gibbons in jail for longer than the term served by Karla Homolka.

Please visit the site, post comments, and pass it along so that people will become aware of the silent injustice that is being done to this woman.

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