Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The New Protestors

Sunday's Life Chain brought out two (just two) protestors with a sign about women die every 8 minutes from lack of access to safe abortion. There were 183 people who turned out to stand to defend life.

As I found out last night from a priest who spoke with these two women, they are lesbian feminist pro-choicers. My first reaction is what do they have to do with abortion since they aren't planning on having any babies themselves. But then I thought back to other vigils, other pro-life events and recalled that the women who protest do all seem similar. Perhaps this is the new protestor to protecting the unborn - gay women for choice.

If that is the case, I would like to point out that the homosexual section of the population is less than 5%; so, why do they take up so much of the attention? and why are they allowed to push their views as if they comprise the majority of the opposition here?

Let's be aware here of exactly who is coming out to chant slogans at us and let's make it perfectly clear to everyone that these protestors do not represent a majority of any group, and they certainly do not represent women when they speak.

They speak for themselves alone; remember that. They are no threat to anyone; because they are indeed a fringe element of society.

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