Monday, October 4, 2010

The Focus of Pro-Choice Protest has Changed

It used to be that pro-choice protestors would call out "my body, my choice" or similar slogans while pro-life events were being held. That slogan is not heard as much now. What we are hearing are statements such as "70,000 women die worldwide from unsafe abortions" or "every 8 minutes, another woman dies because of lack of access to a safe abortion".

Hard data on abortion in the developing world understandably doesn’t exist. In fact, World Health Organization reports make it clear that the data is very difficult to find. They caution as a result that their numbers are estimates:

“Abortion statistics are notoriously incomplete… As there are no feasible data collection methods that can reliably reflect the overall burden of unsafe abortion, one is left to work with incomplete information on incidence and mortality from community studies or hospitals…This is then adjusted to correct for misreporting and under-reporting…” - Andrea Mrozek, LifeSiteNews, June 25, 2010

As Andrea goes on to say:
Where policy makers are predisposed to viewing legal abortion as safe and illegal abortion as unsafe, this treads closely to an attempt to change national laws—something a maternal aid mandate should not do because it would be an obvious infringement on national sovereignty. On this note, many of those advocating for abortion to be included in this maternal health mandate have a vision to liberalize other sovereign countries’ abortion laws.
Where numbers are not currently known, guestimates should not be taken or reported as hard fact.
Finally, in the maternal health debate, ideology runs rampant and is not limited to the pro-life side.
The 70,000 is more ideology than math and should be treated as such. In this contentious debate, when economic resources are limited, a solution lies in a general improvement in medical care in the developing world, not with abortion provision. Any government would be wise to stay away from the “A word,” working instead to provide basic medical necessities as a main thrust of charitable action in the developing world.

When protestors proclaim this number of deaths and thereby impute that abortion must be kept legal (and they conclude "safe") in our country, they are really stretching some facts here. Without legal abortion, Canada is not going to suddenly revert to Third World health conditions, but that is the conclusion they want the public to make.

But their statement could actually be used to favour the pro-life side: if there are that many deaths due to abortions, surely it would be better for those women to be steered away from abortion altogether. Are the protestors really concerned about those women or are they just trying anything to keep the status quo of abortion here in our country? I am inclined to think the latter is their real agenda.

The second slogan that a woman dies every 8 minutes from an unsafe abortion is also questionable. But even if it were true, then we on the other side of this issue could just as easily turn that around and state that a child dies every 24 seconds from abortion, a fact that is known definitely. Which means that a girl child dies every 48 seconds from abortion; a woman every 8 minutes versus a girl baby every 48 seconds.

No abortion? gosh, a woman who doesn't die and a child who also doesn't die.

Abortion is a great big NO to everything positive. And a huge YES to the self.
As Father Frank Pavone says:

The shed Blood of Christ teaching the meaning of love, which is to sacrificie oneself for the good of the other person. It reverses the dynamic of the culture of death, which sacrifices the other person for the good of oneself. - Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It

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