Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Noteworthy Quotes

Ann Coulter came through strong at a recent fundraiser for GOProud. There were many concerns a few weeks ago when she accepted an invitation to address a meeting of conservative homosexuals in NYC. Stories were flying about how Ann had sold out and was seeking "common ground" with the people she had previously disparaged.

Some great lines during her speech, check out the story here

Ann Coulter Rocks HomoCon

My personal favourite is when Coulter told the HomoCon audience that they ought to support the pro-life movement, since “as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who's getting aborted."

Another quote I like is one from Michael Coren, in his recent article in The Interim on John Wesley, the great religious reformer in England three hundred years ago. Michael praises Wesley for his religious convictions that translated into action that pressured the ruling classes to make sweeping reforms to correct social injustices, particularly the injustice of slavery. The article is a good read, as are most Michael Coren articles, and I love Michael's answer to those who criticize him for not being sufficiently ecumenical.

If people calling themselves Christian embrace the killing of the unborn, the aged and the ill and then declare war on marriage, it would be sinful to say nothing. Ecumenism has nothing to do with it but truth certainly does. - The Interim, September 2010

Just a week ago, a student reporter from the Dalhousie Gazette called me to ask some questions about 40 Days for Life. Her final question to me was "what do you say to Christians who are pro-choice?" My reply:

You can't be pro-choice and Christian, that is a contradiction. The heart of the Christian religion is the mystery of the Incarnation in which God became man in the womb of a woman; Jesus was born just the same way as all the rest of the human race, with His own DNA, growing and developing in his mother's womb, and being born just as we are. God has told us exactly what He thinks of abortion at the Annunciation.

So if you are attending a church that is waffling on the life issues of abortion and euthanasia and does not support the Biblical principle of one-man-one-woman marriage, then you had better check out and find another church that does. That is, if you claim to be a Christian.

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