Friday, August 6, 2010

Innocuous Bill? NOT!

From the August newsletter of Campaign Life Coalition:

It sounds innocuous enough, but Bill C-232, if it passes the Senate, will require that all future Supreme Court of Canada justices be fully bilingual. The problem is that this could have a radicalizing effect on the top court by making it more likely that lawyers and judges from Quebec, or those who had their legal training in Quebec, will be appointed to the Supreme Court. We don't need to remind you that Quebec is the most secular, anti-life, anti-family province in Canada. If C-232 passes, it will, in effect, radicalize the Supreme Court even more than it is already, toward an even more anti-life and anti-religion ideology. C-232 also means that Supreme Court judges - who are appointed for life - will no longer be appointed based on merit, but rather the ability to speak both French and English. Many top judges have been unilingual without a detrimental effect on the ability to hear and understand cases (proceedings are tranlsated simultaneously). We are concerned that if more Quebec jurists are picked, that province's radicalism will be even more influential on this country. It was, after all, Quebec courts that initially turned a blind eye to Henry Morgentaler's illegal abortion mills and legalized swinger clubs. The province is now at the cultural vanguard to tolerate and accept euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. More than elsewhere in the country, Quebec is pushing religion out of the public square. We cannot permit a simple sounding procedural change to be the wedge that permits this kind of socially liberal thinking to take hold of the Supreme Court. Please contact Canda's senators and ask them to vote against this Bill which passed in the House of Commons on March 31 by a narrow margin, 140-137.

I am fed up by the demands of Quebec for a bilingual country. That time is over, they aren't even reproducing in sufficient numbers to give credence to their demands. In two generations, Quebec as a Francophone province will cease to exist. They have no right to make the demands that they do, since they don't care enough about Canada to make any new Canadians.

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