Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exposing Canadian Law

They are beginning to look foolish. Linda Gibbons' lawyer, Daniel Santoro, made the claim in court that

the Crown has abused the legal system by deliberately circumventing a legal challenge against the “temporary” injunction Gibbons is accused of violating....
The judge replied that the allegation was “horrible,” and asked how they could justify it. “Because nothing has happened [in the civil court] in 16 years,” Santoro responded.

Charles Lewis, the reporter who wrote a full page article on Linda Gibbons in the National Post last week, was present all day in court. This is the first time, I believe, that a well-known journalist has taken such a prolonged interest in Linda's case. And his reporting of what is going on is making the legal system and the courts of Canada look ridiculous.

Perhaps that is what it will take to expose what they have been doing to Linda for 16 years. As Santoro said to Lewis, they "have used the criminal process as a strategy to avoid an inquest on the civil side." Santoro requested that the Crown's internal documents be assessed, in order to see if there has been such a strategy underfoot in this case. This is what angered the judge, but if they have nothing to hide, then let us find that out. I suspect there is plenty that has been hidden in the case of Linda Gibbons.

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