Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mary Wagner has been released from jail; she was sent there on March 30, after police arrested her for witnessing to men and women at an abortion clinic in Toronto. Mary was held at the Vanier Centre for Women, the same facility that has been home to pro-life veteran Linda Gibbons since December 2009. Mary's release came when the judge had a "change of heart" according to lawyers.

article at LifeSiteNews

Unfortunately, for Linda, there has been no "change of heart" on the part of any judge or on the part of the Attorney General, who has the power to overturn the temporary injunction that has placed a 60-foot bubble zone outside the Scott clinic on Gerard Street in Toronto.

These cases of arrest of non-violent women trying to advise women that they will regret their abortion make something very clear: prayer and pro-life counseling is prohibited on public sidewalks, while abortion is protected. Our government protects those who work in the culture of death more than it protects those who are trying to protect life.

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