Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Linda Gibbons

Linda Gibbons has spent more than 500 consecutive days in jail since her latest arrest in January of 2009. She appeared in court last week, and her lawyers presented an inch thick brief requesting full disclosure from the attorney general's office.

From Linda's letter to me, I quote:

The Ag's office sent a letter to my lawyer refusing disclosure, get this, claiming client attorney privilege with itself???? It's so contrived. Publicly the A.G. feigns indifference and impartiality yet is aggressively prosecuting me.
The next court date (due to everyone's holiday but mine!) is Aug 10th and that's to reset a trial date.
In the old Russian penal system you disappeared; here you just fade away s-l-o-w-l-y!

I contacted a journalist at the National Post, requesting advice on who might write this story in the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star. But no reply. No mainstream journalist wants to tackle this story or rather, their bosses won't allow them. But that is what is needed. A cover story that would embarrass the Attorney General into action.

Linda's offense - stepping inside the "bubble zone" outside the Scott abortuary in Toronto and then asking women if she can help them with an alternative to the abortion they are seeking. The Scott clinic does not own that sidewalk; yet they have managed to have a "temporary injunction" that keeps that bubble zone legal since - 1994! Temporary injunction, my foot.

When Linda steps inside that zone, someone inside the clinic calls the police and they respond immediately. I can't help but money is crossing hands, from the clinic to the police or politicians or both to get such protection. After all, Linda does not do anything violent, she simply talks to women quietly. Yet she is apprehended within minutes and taken to jail once again.

Not once, not twice, but at least fourteen times, in fact every time she is on that sidewalk within the last 15 years.

This is a complete violation of Linda's right to free speech. It is time that someone took the lid off the corruption in the system that is keeping this peaceful woman behind bars. It is time that the Attorney General, Chris Bentley, did something honourable in this case and removed that "temporary injunction". If the abortion workers have the freedom to take the arm of an abortion-minded woman and bring her inside the clinic, why does Linda not have the right to speak to those very same women?

Freedom of speech in this country only exists for those on one side of this issue.

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