Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feminist Deceptions

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Gloria Steinem and Jehmu Greene on Katie Couric

Gloria Steinem: You can't be a feminist who says that other women can't have an abortion (she was referring to Sarah Palin). One in three American women needs an abortion at some time in her life. To make that criminal and dangerous is not a feminist act.

Shall we then say that William Wilberforce was against the idea of capitalism in England when those with wealth were using slaves to make their profits? It simply doesn't follow. Because Wilberforce was against slavery, that does not mean that he was also against capitalism. To be against abortion, does not mean that Sarah Palin is against women's rights. The error here is to think that abortion is a right.

Steinem speaks from the premise that assumes abortion is a right and has been proven to be such. Pro-life feminists will say that premise is false. Until Steinem addresses the premise and proves it, she is simply mud-slinging.

Jehmu Greene: (of Sarah Palin) Clearly she wants the government to intervene in family planning decisions and have the govt come into our homes and make medical decisions for us. That, to me, goes against any feminist principle I grew up learning.

Again, this is a distortion of reality. As things stand now, women are more pressured by the demands of society to have an abortion than they are encouraged to carry that baby to term. The legalization of abortion actually pressures women to have abortions when they find themselves pregnant inconveniently. It is the easy solution for everyone: the father, the parents, the friends, because the pregnant woman can, with one simple procedure, get everyone else off the hook.

This so-called "freedom" does not give the woman freedom at all. It exerts undue pressure on her into having that "legal" abortion. The conclusion therefore is that, with legalized abortion, the government actually is more intrusive than before. With its laws which are supposed to give women reproductive freedom, that same government has bound women into doing what the law allows, even when it may damage her in the long run.

What sort of freedom is that?

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