Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's the Secret?

Michael Coren's show on Friday, June 11 is going to be worth watching.

A special one-hour show with Dr. Judith Reisman, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and Dr. Margaret Somerville.

The show airs at 6 pm (I assume that is Ontario time) on CTS TV and is repeated the following day at 12.30 pm. If you can't get CTS, the show will be online, probably on Monday or Tuesday of next week, at this link:

CTS online

Dr. Lanfranchi is the doctor that I heard speak here in Halifax in April. She is a breast surgeon working in New Jersey. She, along with Dr. Joel Brind, are trying to inform women that artificial contraception (i.e. the Pill) and induced abortion are key factors in the alarming increases in the rate of breast cancer that we are seeing.

This is vital information that many people should hear. Please try to catch the broadcast and let your friends, relatives, especially women, know about it as well.

As well on the show will be Dr. Margaret Somerville, a bioethicist from McGill University. Another very interesting guest. Margaret produced a paper that was presented to Parliament some years ago, arguing against legislation to pass same-sex marriage. She is very vocal in the debate against euthanasia in this country. As well, she has been weighing in recently on the abortion debate that is bubbling up in Canada.

This will be a dynamic show. One I don't want to miss.

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