Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abortion Breast Cancer Link

Today's Daily Mail has an article by Simon Caldwell titled Abortion 'Triples breast cancer risk: Fourth study finds terminations linked to disease.

Daily Mail article

This link is being stated more and more, and soon the public won't be able to keep dismissing it. The Cancer Society dismisses it; a letter I wrote to them two years ago was answered by their stating that they had their own studies which concluded the opposite. They refuse to even mention abortion as a risk for breast cancer in their online website.

People can keep denying it, but do you really want to take that chance? Dr. Angela Lanfranchi has been doing breast surgeries for twenty years now. She has grappled with the fact that her patients are getting younger and younger. She began to notice the similarities in their medical histories: 1) these women had been put on the pill in their teens for acne; 2) because they were already on the pill, when they had a boyfriend, they engaged in sexual activity because they figured they were safe and the boyfriend could pressure them as well; 3) they had an abortion in their late teens or early twenties (after all, the pill does fail); 4) they were on the birth control pill throughout their twenties until they decided they really wanted children. Then, once they have a child or two, they discover a lump and the tests reveal cancer. Often these women are in their early to mid thirties.

There were simply too many of these patients for Dr. Lanfranchi to dismiss the evidence. Her conclusions that both the birth control pill and induced abortion significantly raised a woman's risk of breast cancer led her to establish The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. She has authored a booklet with Dr. Joel Brind, called Breast Cancer - Risks and Prevention.

You can obtain a copy of this booklet and other literature at the following website:

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Why remain in the dark about this? If Dr. Lanfranchi is correct, every woman needs to know the information that she is making available. As stated on Michael Coren's recent show, when you take a perfectly healthy physical system such as a woman's reproductive system, and throw in some chemical additives to make it stop doing what it normally does, then surgically remove the "products of conception" with an intrusive procedure, surely you should expect some repercussions.

It kind of explains why breast cancer has increased in direct relation to artificial birth control and legalized abortion. Gosh, duh!


Elena said...

Don't forget that the reason the have-sex/pill link is so important is because the pill gets rid of the G-plug of mucus that blocks the cervix and prevents STIs from entering. Thus, the Pill makes these girls far more succeptible to disease, leading to infertility, leading to the need for hormonal therapy (IVF and reproductive drugs) which only puts them at higher risk for breast cancer.

Suzanne Snyder said...

Michael Coren: i doubt if you ever see this comment- since its 6 yrs later- your programmes have been phenomenal and a huge eye opener. I would take notes. And i have re-told as much as i could remember about the undeniable elevated risk (60% in some cases!) of various cancers due to abortion. And the pill: well thst was already common knowledge despite major denial by those dispensing it. But, another huge result of abortion in women is depression, suicide and hatred of men. It is recorded in the England And i think Australian or New Zealand College of Doctors journals or records. But not in Canada or the US counterparts. This was on a Bob Duco radio show (WDCX in Buffalo) in Nov 2011 or 2012.