Sunday, May 9, 2010

Women Need to Know

Yesterday, I attended a wonderful one-day conference sponsored by Nova Scotians United for Life. I want to tell you about two of the speakers who addressed the group at this event.

First, Dr. Elizabeth Tham, a family physician in Toronto and a consultant at the Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Center. Elizabeth is trained in the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, which is a very accurate method of charting a woman's menstrual cycle, similar to the Billings Ovulation method. Dr. Tham explained to us how, over the past 15 years, she has become more and more involved with helping women to understand their cycles, determine their peak fertility with the goal of either getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. But her study has led her to other conclusions: in coming to understand the hormones that control women's cycles, Elizabeth has become quite proficient in helping women with other problems. She recounted the case of one woman who came to her, suffering from endometriosis with accompanying pain and infertility. While treating this woman, Elizabeth was led to discover that she suffered from several other medical problems, which had been undiagnosed to that point. While studying the woman's hormone levels, Elizabeth diagnosed her insulin problem amongst other medical conditions. Treating the woman with hormones to bring her levels back to normal, sending the woman for laser treatment of the endometriosis, and treating the insulin problem, Elizabeth brought this woman to better health and one of the benefits was that the woman managed to get pregnant. She and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully to achieve pregnancy for eight years!

And that was just one story. Elizabeth explained how, through studying the charts of menstruating women, she could predict those at risk of miscarriage (I came to understand why I probably miscarried three times), she could correct the hormonal levels of estrogen and progesterone, and she could help women to know themselves better. Some women, simply by charting and understanding their own fertility, became pregnant without any further treatment.

This is simply not taught by the majority of doctors. When asked why doctors don't tell women about this, Elizabeth responded that most doctors don't take this seriously because it is not taught in medical school. Unless theories and practices are taught while someone is studying to become a doctor, the graduating student is unlikely to entertain their viability. And who suffers? Women, who often needlessly undergo certain surgeries and treatments when they could be treated non-invasively with hormones.

So, in the hope that women who wish to know their own bodies better will gain access to this information, here is the link for Elizabeth's knowledge. It is no secret, pass it along to anyone who wishes to know and especially to anyone who thinks that she might be infertile and doesn't know why.

Creighton Model FertilityCare System

Elizabeth said there are only two doctors at present in Canada making use of this body of knowledge and a third is in training and will begin practice in Vancouver shortly. There are many in the United States. Elizabeth herself will consult by telephone so google her and get in touch if you want to avail yourself of this information.

A second speaker at the conference was Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, who is a breast surgeon in New Jersey and co-founder and president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. As a breast cancer surgeon, Angela has seen the incidence of breast cancer increasing especially in young women, some as young as thirty. She could no longer remain silent when she noted the correlation between induced abortion and breast cancer as well as the birth control pill and breast cancer. She told me that guilt got the better of her and now she just wants women to know what their doctors and the Cancer Society won't tell them. This knowledge is being suppressed, in part because they fear the backlash that will happen. However, in 1928 there were almost no reported cases of lung cancer; come the Second World War, every soldier was given free cigarettes in his kit bag, and by 1964, the surgeon general Everett Koop succeeded in having warnings put on every cigarette package sold.

Dr. Lanfranchi said that we will see exactly the same thing with breast cancer. The biology doesn't lie. She has faced much opposition over the past ten years; however, she said not once has anyone ever refuted any of the medical facts and results from surveys that she has written about. Attacks have been ad hominem in an attempt to discredit her; but the biological facts remain; an interrupted pregnancy results in the development of lobules in the breast that are highly susceptible to cancer. These lobules, if a pregnancy proceeds to a natural conclusion, will change into Type 3 lobules that are extremely cancer-resistant. This is why pregnancy and breast feeding are the best protection any woman can have against breast cancer.

Someone asked Dr. Lanfranchi if she would prescribe birth control pills for women or if she would refer for abortion, and she replied: "When I know that both the pill and abortion do harm to women, how can I, in conscience, advise either of those?" And if anyone should decide to take her to court for her non-compliance with either of these requests, that would be Dr. Lanfranchi's defense. Telling women the truth and refusing to treat them in a way that will cause them harm is something she is simply not willing to do. She concluded that, one day, she will face a much greater judge.

For information on Dr. Lanfranchi's findings, visit her website:

Breast Cancer Institute

Kudos to both these women who are putting the welfare of fellow women before their own careers, before their own position in the medical community, and who have dedicated themselves to the long-term good of their patients.

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It's good that I now learned they're only in Toronto (I followed the links) I've always wanted to learn this method.