Thursday, May 27, 2010

What about rape?

The question that is always raised. What about the woman who is raped? And here is the best possible answer.

h/t The Radiance Foundation


Rebecca said...

Brigitte on ProWomanProLife recently admitted that she considers rape a "hard case" and isn't sure she would ban abortion in the case of rape. One commenter (I forget who) made a really good point: that by making abortion the default choice in the case of pregnancy by rape, it will only ultimately add to the mother's pain. Abortion is a violation of her body and will likely compound an already awful situation.

Julie C said...

I read a comment somewhere (I think it might have been Jennifer Derwey on ProWomanProLife) who said that most women bond with their babies at some point during the pregnancy, regardless of how they feel at the beginning. So the eventual birth of someone so innocent and beautifully made can actually help to bring healing to the horrific violation of rape.
While abortion is yet another violation. But these women sure need a heck of a lot of support. That seems to be what is missing in all the abortion stories, no support for the pregnant woman to carry on.

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