Friday, May 7, 2010

Pro-Life Conference in Quebec City May 15

Breaking news! Free to all comers! the first pro-life conference in the province of Quebec since 2004. And on the list of speakers - Cardinal Marc Ouellet as well as Father Raymond de Souza. If you live anywhere near the vicinity of Quebec City or might consider a weekend away in this gorgeous city, then email Georges right away and sign up for this amazing pro-life event.

This from an email this morning:

I didn't want to prevent anyone from attending the first pro-life conference in Quebec since 2004, and the first Quebec Life Coalition conference in Quebec City. That's why we've changed the conference format, and we've changed the price to ... ZERO dollars. That's right, if you've already paid, we'll refund your ticket. We believe it's so important for the most people possible to attend, that we want you, and your friends, and your acquaintances --anyone you think is pro-life-- to come and backup one of the only prominent Quebec public figures to stand up for the unborn: Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

All you need to do is to reply to this email and write "I'll be there" in the subject line. That'll give us an idea of the number of people who will be attending.

According to the author of "Voix de faits", a Quebec anarchist blog, the 2010 QLC conference in Quebec city is the first time for a long, long time (if ever) that "the catholic hierarchy has openly associated itself with the reactionary and activist wing of the Quebec anti-choice movement." Translated in plain English, that means that for the first time in recent memory, one of the biggest pro-life players in the province has decided once again to take up the fight for the unborn with us in the trenches, in the public square. And it's at the QLC 2010 May 15 Quebec-city conference that this is happening! This is an amazing story, an answer to our prayers!

That's why you absolutely have to be there, Julie, rain or shine!

We noticed that the previous format for this conference wasn't good for people coming from out of town. That's why we've modified the schedule, and here it is (the conference will be held on Saturday, May 15 in the "Des Plaines" hall of the "hôtel Château Laurier" in Québec (1220 Place George-V Ouest, Québec, QC G1R 5B8‎ - (418) 522-8108):

All presentations will be translated in English via headset.

12:30 PM admission to conference
12:45 PM coffee / snacks
1:00 PM Prayer, and introduction (Georges Buscemi and guest)
1:15 PM #1 Raymond De Souza
1:30 PM #1 Raymond De Souza
1:45 PM #1 Questions
2:00 PM pause
2:15 PM #2 Luc Phaneuf
2:30 PM #2 Luc Phaneuf
2:45 PM #2 Questions
3:00 PM pause
3:15 PM #3 Brigitte Bédard
3:30 PM #3 Brigitte Bédard
3:45 PM #3 Questions
4:00 PM pause
4:15 PM #4 Michel Lizotte
4:30 PM #4 Michel Lizotte
4:45 PM #4 Questions
5:00 PM pause
5:15 PM #5 Cardinal Ouellet
5:30 PM #5 Cardinal Ouellet
5:45 PM #5 Questions
6:00 PM Georges Buscemi (concluding remarks)
6:15 PM END
6:30 PM

So now there's nothing keeping anyone from participating. The cost of the conference depends on your donation, if you want, or if you can't, it doesn't matter: what's important is that you show up!

For those of you who prayed with us during the 40 Days for Life, what were we praying for, exactly? I know that one of my main prayer intentions was for the Christian community in Quebec to take a stand and take the lead in the pro-life battle. And now we're seeing that the top-ranking member of the catholic church in Canada is joining us in our battle, and taking all sorts of media abuse in defence of the unborn. This is a new page in Quebec's history. We can't take this for granted; we have to seize this moment.

That's why I'm urgently inviting you and your friends and pro-life acquaintances to this conference, Julie. You don't want to "all alike begin to make excuses" like the invited guests to the Lord's "supper" in Luke 14:16-24. We were waiting for a change in Quebec, some kind of sign that a thaw was coming, that spring was near. And now we have it. It's time to come to the "supper" this May 15!

To help us estimate the number of attendees, just reply to this email with "I'll be there" in the subject line. If you're bringing along friends, let us know.

Julie, if you look at all the elements converging on this conference, you really get a sense that something is brewing: bill C-510 introduced by Rod Bruinooge, the Conservative Party of Canada's G8 maternal health plan that doesn't include abortion, the controversial withdrawal of funding from feminist groups in Quebec and elsewhere, Cardinal Ouellet's foray into the euthanasia and abortion debates last Saturday, gay lobbyists demonstating on May 15 in Quebec City against "homophobia"... and then there's us, on May 15 in Quebec City standing up for the unborn with Cardinal Ouellet. You can't afford to miss this!

Also, don't forget to forward this email to your contact--let's get the word out!

For Life,

Georges Buscemi, president, Quebec Life Coalition

Email Georges at


Elena said...

So, are you going? Maybe I can convince dave to go as an anniversary gift before the new baby. Free/Quebec City/what's not to like about that? Oh yeah, the room and board.

Julie C said...

well, I am trying to find someone to drive there with me. It's a bit too far to do alone. Perhaps Nicole could be convinced that this would be an interesting angle for the Atlantic Catholic, LOL.

I checked the Via schedule and I could go by rail, leave Friday at noon, arrive Sat am at 6:15, then return Saturday night at 8:15,, arriving in Halifax at 5:10 on Sunday afternoon.
Why the train takes 19 hours each way is a puzzle to me. The thought of sitting upright for 19 hours, with no shower for three days is a big of a deterrent.

I do feel somehow that this is a historic moment though, for the province of Quebec to have a pro-life conference, and for the Primate of Canada to be the keynote speaker at it, something marvellous is happening and I would love to be there to witness it.