Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pro Choice in Halifax

Last night's candlelight vigil was held on South Park Street outside the Victoria General Hospital. We had wonderful weather, for which we are so grateful, and approximately 80 people came out to pray silently for the victims of abortion.
The opposition came in the form of FLAP, Feminist League for Agitation Propaganda. The title sounds as if they will agitate for any cause, not a title I would pick to describe an action I was espousing. One young man in the vigil remarked that these women were not serious, they were laughing and playing loud music (some great Gloria Estefan who by the way is a pro-life Catholic Cuban emigrant); he described their appearance as "street theatre". I think that is a good description; theatrical is certainly their demeanour in dress and in posture; but whether they are seriously concerned with women's health issues, I cannot say. That didn't come across from the two times I have seen them in public. We shall see more today, I am sure, at the Rally at Province House at noon. Too bad, the Legislature closed yesterday - unfortunate timing for the March for Life. I wonder if they closed knowing that we were coming today. I doubt it, but you never know.

Note, in the first photo, their banner held by two oddly posed young women, directly underneath the sign that reads Holy Cross Cemetery - Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. The irony was lost on them, I am sure.

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