Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movement on the Abortion Issue

The March for Life in Ottawa on Thursday made the mainstream media. This is a story in itself, as last year there was only one piddly little article about the March, even though 12,000 people were in attendance.

MSM (mainstream media) cover events with only about 100 people when they are events that appeal to the liberal left agenda, such as Gay Pride, feminists agitating for reproductive rights. So to have at least two major newspapers give coverage to the March for Life is a first and a welcome change.

The Globe and Mail, May 13 (from the Canadian Press, so this was syndicated)

and also

The Toronto Star

Both articles' titles seem to indicate that the anti-abortion rally was in response to Stephen Harper's recent refusal to include abortion in reproductive health aid to the third world. While it is true that most pro-life people are supportive of Harper's recent stand against exporting abortion to the poor of the world, the March for Life is much more than that.

As the Star article states:

The debate that Harper says he doesn’t want to reopen in Canada arrived literally on his doorstep on Thursday, with high spirits and demands for the Conservative government to do much more to discourage abortion in this country.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, put it so well:

We support this stance of the government not to finance abortion in countries of the Third World, but we would like some more courage, some more courage to do something more in Canada.

Things really are moving on an issue that was pronounced decided by Jean Chretien when he was Prime Minister. Even though some politicians don't want to engage in this debate, I don't think they are going to have that choice much longer. The people of Canada are speaking up and the pro-life voice is getting heard, as shown by mainstream media coverage. This issue will not simply go away, because it was never really handled correctly in the first place. And because the consciences of so many people are bothered by the injustice done to the unborn.

If one doesn't get the right to life, no other rights mean a thing.


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Elena said...

Apparently the Toronto Sun also covered it, or so I heard. A letter to the Citizen on Sunday by a pro-choice advocate railed against the Catholic School Boards for allowing their students to be used as pawns in the March and not exposing them to the other side of the debate. As if.