Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupak Caved

Oh wait, he was never really 100% against federally-funded abortion in the first place.

If I like everything in the bill, except we had public funding for abortion, and we had a chance to run our amendment and we lost, okay? I voted my conscience, stayed true to my principles, stayed true to those beliefs of this district, could I vote for health care? yes I still could. - Bart Stupak in Cheboygan, MI

h/t Gerard Nadal

And what do the American Catholic bishops have to say about the Executive Order signed by Obama, that states funding for abortion will not be allowed under this health bill?

Only a change in the law enacted by Congress, not an executive order, can begin to address this very serious problem in the legislation. - Richard Doerflinger who represents the US bishops in Congressional dealings
- h/t American Papist

An executive order does not have the force of law and can be challenged by anyone who wishes to do so (the pro-aborts will do that immediately) and it can be rescinded by the President at any time. So how long will that executive order last?

I had great sympathy for Bart Stupak over the last few weeks, as I read that his life has been made a "living hell" (Stupak's own words) as his home phone was beseiged by threatening phone calls, his wife and family were threatened, he was harrassed on all sides for his pro-life position. But this morning, when I read that he had voted yes after getting Obama's word on this blocking of funds for abortion, and then read that he was also given a grant of $700,000 to make repairs at three airports in his congressional district, my admiration and sympathy flew out the window. Yes, his life must have been difficult, but how much more difficult is it going to be now that he has to live with this decision? And how many other congressmen have sacrificed their political careers over this bill? Next November will tell, if it isn't apparent even sooner.

The American people have had enough of this non-democratic government. Obama promised to conduct business in a new way, without all the backroom deals. Well he is even worse than his predecessors and the man simply cannot be trusted.

The fact that Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, sent out a statement that called the executive order a "symbolic gesture" says it all.

Today, monumental progress was made toward achieving these goals with the passage of historic health care reform legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives, despite a symbolic gesture, in the form of an Executive Order, to anti-choice Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI), which has diverted attention from the central goal of health care reform - controlling costs and extending coverage....
As a trusted health care provider to millions of women and families across the country, Planned Parenthood applauds the fact that this legislation would extend health care coverage, including family planning, to tens of millions of women and families, guarantee access to affordable life-saving screenings for cervical and breast cancer and other serious health problems, protect women against gender discrimination by private insurers, end the practice of dropping coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and significantly increase access to reproductive health care.
The proposal also includes a commonsense provision to expand family planning under Medicaid, which would significantly increase access to essential preventive health care for millions of women....- Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood

h/t Jill Stanek

As Thomas Peters, of American Papist, says:

The health care battle has made crystal clear the sharp divide between Catholics when it comes to the prudent application of the Church’s social teaching on the most important issues of our day. This is a service because these groups, leaders and pockets of dissent are now out in the open. They have played their hand. We know where their fox holes lie. - American Papist

Dissident nuns wrote to Congress stating that Catholic nuns were in favour of this bill; as Father Frank Pavone says, their statement showed the support of ... exactly 59 nuns, not the thousands of other nuns who do not support federally funded abortions. Nor do the dissident Catholics, or Catholycs as Peters calls them, represent the Church even though they think they do. On several occasions, the American bishops have stated that this bill cannot be supported if it provides funding for abortion and denies the rights of medical practitioners to follow their conscience.

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue is a man who doesn't mince words:

...a communist-styled president sits in Ronald Regan's office and rules with a tyrannical iron fist with the help of his Congressional counterparts. Our once-free nation has slid down the path of totalitarianism faster than if we could have been conquered by the Soviets in 1980.

March 21 did indeed change life as we knew it. The tax payer will be forced to fund abortion that will now increase, ration health care, cut benefits to seniors, and pay higher taxes. Especially hard-hit will be small business owners and middle-class American families. The new law will force all Americans to buy insurance or suffer fines and create over a hundred new government bureaucracies.

Now we can add our nation's health care system to the list of once private enterprises now under government control along with the banks, manufacturing, housing, and insurance companies. - Operation Rescue

At least, we can see more clearly the battle lines now.

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