Monday, March 22, 2010

Canada to Push Abortion in the Third World

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Harper has stated that a prime endeavour of Canada at the upcoming G8 conference to be held in Ontario, is to provide massive aid to the third world in order to cut the maternal mortality rate and the rate of new-born deaths. He promised that this policy would not include abortion and contraception, but would be aimed at providing medical assistance in child-birth, as well as clean water, food and immunizations for children.

Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party, has taken this as an opportunity to turn this into a political jousting match for himself with Mr. Harper. Ignatieff, backed by vocal feminists, insists that Canadian aid must include the full range of reproductive health measures, which is Planned Parenthood speak for contraception and abortion.

As if that will cut the death rate. It will cause it to soar, as mothers will die from infections, women will be given RU-486 without supervision, and countless unborn children will be torn from their mothers' wombs.

Tomorrow evening, at 5:30 pm, Bob Rae, now Liberal but former NDP premier of Ontario, will introduce a motion in the House of Commons which insists that the government initiative include the full range of family planning, sexual and reproductive health [abortion] options’.

The logic of the Liberal motion is very odd. Let's save children's lives by encouraging abortion (killing them). It is clear that this motion is not primarily about women or children. This motion is trying to create a political controversy on a very divisive issue close to many Canadians' hearts. Instead of simply supporting a common sense initiative for clean water, good nutrition, and basic medical training, the Liberal caucus seems to be trying to use this pro-abortion lobby to divide Canadians. All this in spite of the fact that a CBC poll a few weeks back showed 64% of Canadians did NOT want abortion to be included in the G8 agenda.- Faytene Krsykow, 4 My Canada

Please write to your member of Parliament, asking him/her to stand against this usurping of a good measure by a pro-abortion lobby. Keep your email short and free from ad hominem taunts and Bible thumping, as that will simply get it deleted in short order. And write to Mr. Ignatieff telling him that this initiative by Mr. Harper has nothing to do with abortion and contraception, but has to deal with giving basic necessities to those who do not have them.

For a list of MPs and their email addresses, click here

What to write? even a simple email such as
Please vote against the Liberal motion to demand abortion be inserted into the G8 agenda for maternal and infant health.

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