Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pro-Life Consequences

The weekend question on Jill Stanek's site certainly got a host of comments - 207 at last count. People weighing in on both sides of this question whether Todd was right to protest outside of Christian churches, with signs that said Repent and 4000 Abortions per day. After efforts to get pastors to broach the topic of abortion in their churches, and meeting with no success, Todd along with his wife and two sons decided it was time to protest outside of those churches.

I am happy to say that Todd has found a church and pastor who are receptive to his message and he is pursuing that avenue. Todd's desire is that his church would become supportive of the local crisis pregnancy centre, after seeing how many young churched girls have been seeking abortions at the local abortion clinic. If the Christians in those churches where those girls were in attendance, had preached the real word to them of what God thinks of abortion, and had instructed them on sexual morality, they might not have found themselves in the situation they did.

While reading the comments, I came across a site called Operation Save America, where Kristin Wilson relates how she and her boyfriend have actually been banned from attending their church in Charlotte, North Carolina for passing out pro-life literature in front of the church prior to a Sunday service. Her boyfriend was even arrested for jay-walking, since the church leaders had called in the police to try and prevent these pro-life activists and arresting him for a simple traffic offence served their purpose of shutting them down.

Operation Save America

The story is quite shocking, in that two members of a church were treated this way and this in a church that they loved, in a church where they had tremendous respect for the pastor. They just never expected to get a reaction like this to pro-life activism.

This makes me think of Linda Gibbons who is still in jail here in Canada, for breaking an injunction that created a bubble zone outside of an abortion clinic in Toronto. The "temporary injunction" has been in place since 1994 and Linda has spent 8 of the past 15 years in jail for not observing it. Linda refuses bail because the terms of her bail include that she will not come within 500 feet of any abortion clinic in Ontario. Total repression of free speech. Yet in all those years, Linda's lawyers have not been able to challenge the injunction because Linda is always charged with a different offence, such as obstructing a police officer or disturbing the peace. She has never been given the right to challenge the existence of the injunction, even though one judge said that the temporary injunction must be made permanent or removed, neither of which has been done.

Pro-life activism is the one activism that is not tolerated in either Canada or the United States. You could go and picket any cause you want and you would not be treated like Linda or Kristen. Just try it, go and protest for some cause and see where it lands you - I guarantee that you would not go to jail. But try pro-life and see where that lands you.

The reason - to question the morality of abortion challenges the sexual morality of everyone, including those who claim to follow Biblical principles on sexual behaviour. To criticize someone's sexual behaviour is simply not allowed; the one exception being sexual abuse of children and, if some weirdos push their agenda, that taboo may fall too.

Pastors don't want to discuss abortion with their congregations because they are uncomfortable; not with the women sitting there who have had abortions, but with the fact that they may not have had pristine pasts themselves; what if some woman jumped up and said "I aborted your child"? It is quite possible to happen. There are so many skeletons in the closet when it comes to sex, that most people are really afraid to come clean.

Yet clean we have to become. If we don't, we are failing our children. We are leaving them a trail of broken hearts and, with abortion - dead brothers and sisters. We have to become sexually responsible human beings; time is running out for our culture. Acceptance of legalized abortion is the litmus test of just how well we are doing as a moral nation, and the past forty years shows just how badly we have failed.

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