Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Speech? not at UVic

Choice is deemed paramount. And I thought the word "choice" meant that you choose some thing or some action. But "choice", just simply "choice", is held as the value.

When someone says that a woman should be allowed to choose, they are really showing an inability to face what is obvious - what is the woman choosing?

Our culture has been seduced by semantics. Rather than asking what is meant by choice, we have come to believe that choice itself is what matters. That a woman has the freedom to determine the outcome of a natural physical process within her body even when that choice means someone else has no choice.

The unborn child has become the thirteenth floor of the human family... To accept the actuality of the unborn as one like us, a member of the human family, is to admit that this child belongs to us and we to the child. We are then required to admit that what makes us special also makes the unborn special.... What we decide about the unborn becomes the key moral question ....
However, when the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion-on-demand in 1973 (Roe v. Wade), it changed the question from what we decide about abortion to who decides. - Who Broke the Baby? by Jean Staker Garton

To think that we have reduced the fate of the unborn to a play on words indicates how far we have devalued human life.

The Orwellian use - or misuse - of verbal communication has found its way into politics, advertising, government, and most successfully into the debate surrounding abortion... A FETUS IS NOT A PERSON ... THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE ... A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CONTROL HER OWN BODY. But what do these phrases really mean? These and other slogans used to promote abortion-on-demand have been repeated so often .. that the words are worn smooth.
We fail to recognize their absurdity.
It is therefore words,not facts, that shape reality for many people... We must insist that words and images describe, comprehend, and recognize what really is rather than what is only an unrreality manufactured through word games that reduce us to intellectual and emotional children. - Who Broke the Baby? by Jean Staker Garton

Surely, on university campuses, more than any other place, the freedom of speech and the right to discuss the abortion issue should be given free rein. Those who try to gag any pro-life activity on campus are showing their own inability to give anyone else any choice other than the one they approve.

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