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Musing on the News

Many things mulling around in my brain. Rather than write a long post, carefully thought out, I think I will just give some links so that you can check things out yourself.

We all hear the news and get various takes on it, but sometimes when you flit around the internet, you pick up different takes on issues that are worth passing along.

Haiti - that poor poor country, poorest country in the Western world, devastated by a quake and today, by another aftershock, with an estimated 200,000 people dead.
I am proud to know that the Canadian forces have responded so quickly to the emergency and two ships have arrived in Haiti, bringing medical supplies, food, water and just sheer labour to get done what needs to be done. Such as clearing roads so that supplies can get through.

Melanie Phillips writes a scathing indictment of the UN's response to Haiti here :

...the key problem appears to be a total absence of leadership, so that no-one is taking control of the situation. Haiti’s own government is unable to do this; until yesterday, America was taking a back seat waiting upon the UN to do the business. But the UN has conspicuously failed to do so.... And now that the US has finally lost patience and piled in troops to deliver supplies to the people, there are predictable cries from the French -- and doubtless other knee-jerk America-bashers – that America is ‘occupying’ Haiti. Such is the derangement of the anti-America obsession.

And Phillips is rightly proud of the nation of Israel for their quick and efficient response, being the first to set up a field hospital with working equipment:

One desperate American aid worker tells CNN:
I’ve been here since Thursday; no-one except the Israeli hospital has taken any of our patients.
Another remarks of the Israeli field hospital:
It’s like another world here compared to the other hospitals. They have imaging... my God, they have machines here, operating theatres, ventilators, monitoring, it’s just amazing.
Of any American field hospital, there is apparently not yet any sign. The reporter observes that the Israelis have come from the other side of the world. Another aid worker says it makes them ashamed to be Americans.
Israel sent a team of 220 aid workers. Israel has a population of six million. The population of Britain is 60 million. I’d say that was a disproportionate Israeli response, wouldn’t you?

A great suggestion is made by Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal on MercatorNet:

The United Nations plans to spend US$1.9 billion to refurbish its Manhattan HQ. Why not relocate to Port-au-Prince instead?

You can read his article here

And, of course, the age-old question "why is there such suffering?" bringing out the atheists with their cold statements and also bringing out, unfortunately, those who make apocalyptic statements such as evangelist Pat Robertson who claims the disaster is the result of Haiti's making a pact with the devil to obtain its freedom from France.

Excellent post on that question Searching for Meaning in Disaster by Michael Cook

And a classic article by Peter Kreeft: The Problem of Evil brings the question of evil right back to the reality of sin.

And what is Planned Parenthood up to these days?

Well, in Houston, they are getting ready to open up the largest abortion centre in the US, second only in size to one in China. This is in the heart of Houston, right in the middle of four neighbourhoods that consist of blacks and Hispanics who are poor. The building is said to look like a cash register. Thousands of pro-lifers gathered on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, to demonstrate peacefully outside the building under construction. Given that one out of every two African American babies are destroyed by abortion, how can anyone question the statement made by black pastors that this is "prenatal racial genocide"?

Read more here

A few years ago, I was in Houston, in just that neighbourhood. I was visiting Father Sean Wenger whom I knew from his days here in Halifax as parish priest at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. I remember being struck by the poverty of the surrounding streets. Yes, there are some people in Texas who do not have air conditioning and I know where they live.

What else is Planned Parenthood up to? well, gosh oh golly, they are requesting funds so that they can continue their work in Haiti. What work? abortions of course along with dispensing birth control to young people from the ages of 10 to 25.Read more here

On the other hand, women do continue to give birth despite the fact that the country is torn apart by the recent earthquake. And yet six out of seven hospitals were destroyed by the quake. So the women are giving birth in dirty conditions with no privacy; life goes on, and who is thinking of them? Thank God for MaterCare International, a Christian organization that helps women in the Third World who experience birth in the midst of poverty.

It almost seems that with these type of tragic circumstances somehow the world believes that life simply stops, so emergency obstetrical care for life threatening complications is not an immediate priority. The result is an enormous increase in the number of maternal deaths...The pro-abortion side are already seeking funds for their death and despair and the Haitians have had enough of that. - Dr. Robert Walley, President of Matercare International

Should you wish to donate to Matercare, you can contact them at or phone 1-709-579-6472

Republican Victory in Massachusetts

I have to confess I am absolutely thrilled by the win in Massachusetts by Scott Brown. He was a real dark horse, before Christmas people weren't even talking about him. Yet he has won the Senatorial seat that has been held by the Kennedy family since 1953. Some are saying that this doesn't mean anything for the Democratic party across the nation, but Scott did campaign on national issues and I really do think the voter turn-out and the reversal of the party elected shows that this was a vote against the policies of President Barack Obama. It is seriously doubted now whether the health care bill can be rammed through since the Republicans have gained that one extra opposition vote necessary to prevent the bill's passing. And if the Democrats try to push this bill through now, after this major electoral upset, I doubt that the American people will stand for it.

Good analysis here by Victor Davis Hanson of National Review Online

And I leave the last line to Father Frank Pavone:

Americans love freedom. If Washington ignores the will of the people, as the Democratic party has been doing in so many issues, the people respond at the voting booth to reclaim their own voice ... When the people feel powerless to change the minds of those in power, they change those in power. -
LifeSiteNews, Jan 19, 2010

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