Monday, January 18, 2010

Constructive Tension

This week, on Friday, thousands of people will gather in Washington, DC to march for life. Specifically for the life of the unborn. Students, parents, grandparents, clergy, lay people, all sorts of people will be there because they want an end to abortion.

And what does such an event do? It creates a tension in society that will disturb those who have accepted abortion as the norm, it will bother the conscience of America and the world that we have allowed women to say they have the right to do with their bodies whatever they wish. Only it is not their body, it is someone else's body. The right not to be pregnant does not trump the right of someone to have their life. Period.

This Friday, there will be numerous groups represented - one that I just learned about is KIDS, aka Keep Infants with Down Syndrome. The woman I listened to has a seven-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome and, during her pregnancy, because she refused an abortion, and refused genetic testing, she was labeled "difficult patient" on the cover of her file. This was so that any doctor who had to handle her case would know what he was going to face - a woman who defied the doctors who told her to have an abortion, because her child was going to be a burden to her family and a burden to society. She is going to Washington because she knows that the health bill that is about to be rammed through the Senate in Washington, will bring about the rationing of health care to people like her daughter. She said she has spoken to people in Canada, who personally have experienced the limits of socialized medicine and have found themselves short-changed because their children cost the system too much.

It is time for constructive tension to break forth in Canada. I am so sick of the apathy that I encounter, I am so disheartened by even those who call themselves pro-life who say "just lighten up a bit". As if I am a heavy-weight when it comes to being pro-life! I wish they could meet in person someone like Father Frank Pavone or Father Euteneuer - then they would really meet someone for whom the unborn are so precious and so valuable and so loved by God that they are giving their lives for this cause.

When Christians are willing to get outside of their churches and go to the streets and pray for what they know is right, then we will see an end to abortion. It is simply not enough to say that you will pray for this injustice to end; we must do this publicly at the very places where the evil is being committed. Because then and only then, will society know that we are serious about this, and then God will hear our prayer and heal our land. When we are willing to undergo persecution for the truth, then we will begin to see the change that we desire.

Please God, break the apathy that covers this country of Canada. Break through the wall of indifference and lack of care from which we Canadians suffer. Break our hearts so that we can know how You feel about every single child that is conceived. Please God, do whatever You have to do to "turn the hearts of fathers (and mothers) to their children again."

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BabyBoy1203 said...

I wrote a post about this on my blog yesterday. Oh, how well I remember the March for Life in D.C.! Nothing like it in the world. It is peaceful and, though somber, somehow simultaneously cheerful. There are no confrontations or arguments. It's just a time of penance, prayer and witnessing. It's profound. I'd give anything to be in a crowd that size (200,000+, not just a handful as the news would have us think, believe me!) again.