Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youth Culture

When I walk my dog, I often walk through a neighbourhood where posters adorn all the telephone poles. These posters are notices of events to take place, the most inexpensive form of advertising going. And almost all of these events are things that promote and foster the culture of darkness and death that seems to be encroaching everywhere. By the way, I just noticed on a second look, that the proceeds go to the United Way, a well-known supporter of Planned Parenthood, the organization that promotes abortion as the first solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

I don't think that I am being morose; I have walked this area for years, it is very close to the Commons and the heart of downtown Halifax. I wonder if parents even know where their teens are going on Friday and Saturday nights when they go out with their friends? Do they comprehend the kind of forces that are influencing their children's lives? And, more importantly, do they care enough to step in and try and protect their kids?

The attraction of death, of evil, of the sinister underworld is very real and it is very strong. And children everywhere are being exposed to it, while their parents for the most part, ignore what is happening. They are simply too busy to pay attention to what their children watch on TV, to what they talk about with their friends, to the music they listen to. Yet, this dark world is not sleeping; it is on the move, capturing the minds of the younger generation and ensnaring them in thoughts and ways that are pernicious.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. I Peter 5:8

Parents especially need to be vigilant because children do not have the tools with which to fend off this evil; their minds are impressionable and vulnerable to anything that comes their way; it is the parents' responsibility to be the watchman for those young minds. It is not just your right, but your duty, to protect your children. If that means turning off the TV, then do it; if it means taking away the Ipod, then do it; if it means limiting internet use, then do it. Your kids are worth it. And no one else will protect them, if you don't.

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Jaclyn said...

Our pastor has been frequently preaching this same message lately in his homilies. He's strong in his warning to parents, and it's refreshing to hear a priest be so forthright in his messages at Mass. He even brought in an expert to hold a free class on how to secure your internet to make it safer for kids.

Too bad Father Tim can't help us clean up TV, billboards, radio stations, etc.

(I know exactly where that picture was taken, given the location of Kingdom Hall in the background...)