Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remembering the Unwanted

This is a photo of part of the Walk to Remember, sponsored by parents who have lost children to miscarriage, still birth or other calamity. They started their walk at the IWK Children's Hospital and went around the large block that encircles the Victoria General Hospital, Grace Maternity, Bethune Research Building as well as the IWK. I don't think anyone warned them that there was a 40 Days for Life vigil being held on one of those sidewalks, because they looked fairly surprised to see us there.

As one vigil participant said to me, "no friendly faces, only one woman smiled at us". I knew of this walk because someone had emailed me a while ago about it, a man who had lost a baby two years ago to a miscarriage. He and his wife planned to take part and he thought it was great, to remember those babies most of whom did not even have proper funerals. I agree, it is good to remember those babies who would otherwise be forgotten.

But I can't help but wonder, especially after seeing the unfriendly faces passing us, if this further enforces the fact that only those babies who were wanted should be remembered. The aborted babies were babies just as these miscarried and still born babies were, yet they are not remembered. They are not treated with any respect by anyone. They are simply disregarded and disposed of, just like trash.


Suzanne said...

Pregnancy loss encompasses babies lost to late-term abortion. That might be why there were hostile faces in the crowd.

Jaclyn said...

Not long after I had a miscarriage, I was invited to attend a post-abortion healing group's memorial service for their babies. Having felt such a loss gave me a new level of sympathy for women who regret their abortions. It also stirred up a different sort of anger...

I wonder if perhaps, for those who have suffered the loss of their babies, the reminder of the reality of healthy babies being murdered is just too much to bear.

In any caes, all babies should be mourned and remembered.

Elena said...

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