Sunday, October 4, 2009

Informed Consent for Abortion

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." --Thomas Jefferson

The principle of "informed consent" is well established in American law and life. Whether preparing to undergo surgery or take out a loan, consumers have a right to full disclosure of the risks and consequences associated with the transaction. Only after the consumer has reviewed such information and been informed of the relevant facts can he be deemed to have given his consent to proceed.
- Ken Connor from Town Hall Daily

Surely, we should have "informed consent" for every medical procedure in Canadian hospitals and clinics; however this 'given' is waived in the case of abortion. And no one seems to object to that.

Here, in Halifax, where abortions are performed in the Victoria General Hospital in a ward that has no name on the door, women and girls (many young girls) undergo blood tests, ultrasounds, and then suction aspiration abortions without true informed consent. Not only are they not made fully aware of the procedure and possible consequences, they are not even told who does the abortion or who assists in it. Doctors and nurses do not wear name tags, so I am told by a woman who had an abortion at the VG five years ago.

After World War II, many countries agreed to have a Nuremburg agreement, in which they stated that no medical procedure should be used on human beings without having been tested previously on animals. Guess which procedure has never been tested on animals? Suction aspiration abortion - the method used to perform abortions on fetuses from 6-14 weeks gestation. This procedure accounts for 95% of all abortions. Once again, medical wisdom is waived in the case of abortion.

Would you have a dental procedure without wanting to know who the dentist was? Would you have your eyes examined without knowing the name of the optician or optometrist? Would you have a physical examination without knowing the name of the doctor who was taking your blood pressure, listening to your heart, and taking a pap smear? I don't think so. So why would women have an abortion without knowing who was doing it?

They are scared, they are desperate, they can't think beyond the moment. They can't even imagine that something will go wrong and that they might need to return for treatment and then they would want to know who performed the procedure. And the abortion industry benefits from this; they don't fear a woman suing the doctor for malpractice, they don't fear someone hunting down the doctor to explain why things went wrong or why they find themselves infertile a few years later when they "want a baby".

The anonymity of the abortion business in Canada must be removed. Women should be told who the doctor is, and they should also be clearly told the risks of abortion, the possibility of infection, the risk of possible infertility later, the increased risk of subsequent premature births which bring a host of problems with them. And these facts should be explained to women clearly, not on the morning of their abortion, but a week or at least a few days prior, so that they can think them over before proceeding. Abortion is a can't-undo procedure; there is no reverse key for this act; once done, you have to live with it and the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual consequences.

Women have the right to know what those consequences may be and then they will have fully informed consent. Better information always leads to better choices. And abortion is never the best choice for either the mom or the baby.

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BabyBoy1203 said...

So sad! They will never truly inform women about the dangers of abortion because their business thrives off of women's vulnerability and, especially in the case of young girls, the ignorance of these mothers about their own bodies and the developing baby in the womb.

The mere fact that they are so careless in helping women make a truly informed decision shows that they do not have the woman's best interests at heart. What they have at heart is the hundreds of dollars they will make from that one abortion. Secrecy is vital to these abortionists. As a priest once told me (obviously about something very different), "Secrecy is the devil's best weapon," referring to evil things that are never brought into the light because it is in secret that the devil works and thrives.

I see every day how women, especially girls, entrust themselves to the abortionist without question, and they and society accept whatever they are told--or not told.

It's so urgent for us, then, to inform them, as you do through this sort of post. It always breaks my heart to hear/read someone (such as the witnesses belonging to Silent No More) saying, "If only someone had told me how much it would hurt," and, "I had no idea it was a baby." The abortionist who has to make sure all the baby's parts have been removed knows it's a baby, that's for sure...

If they let the mother see what they removed so violently from her womb and if a woman could then go back and undo the abortion, wouldn't the vast majority of those women all undo it?

So sad, so wrong, so unfair...