Monday, September 28, 2009

Personhood Amendment

Why can't we do this in Canada? What is preventing us from presenting to Parliament a Personhood Amendment?

If you know of any politician who would be willing to press forward with this, please let me know. Tell me who he or she is, because we have to do this. As the new father says in the video "why are we doing this again? because we are right."

h/t Jill Stanek


Cam said...

Our congressman might. His name is Wally Herger and he's been slammed in the press lately because of his recent town hall meetings (which he got standing ovations at... We're proudly one of the few conservative districts in California!). NARAL gave him a 0% approval rating and he hasn't been afraid to stand by his beliefs despite pressure from the White House recently.

Cam said...

Sorry, I got that backwards...just realized what I already knew, which is that you are in Canada. I hope you find someone... prayers...

Julie C said...

Cam, treasure the freedom you have in the US. We have very little compared to you.
And our politicians will not bring up the pro-life subject for fear of losing their votes. Our prime minister has said he will not re-open the debate on abortion; so we are the only country in the entire western world that has absolutely no restrictions on abortion, throughout all nine months of pregnancy.
Our political system will not allow the kind of amendments that you are able to do in the US. We can have petitions, etc. and have done so in the past, only to find they are simply ignored by our government.

Suzanne said...

Actually, many petitions are tabled every day.

Our Constitution is complicated to amend.

The most feasible way of recognizing fetal personhood is changing the definition of Section 223 of the Criminal Code. It says that a human being must take his first breath to be recognized as a person.

Julie C said...

How would one go about doing that, Suzanne? would it have to brought in as a private member's bill? As Jake Epps' bill last year?