Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Plain Weary

Too much going on to post on this blog, and when time permits, too weary to think straight. Sleep is what is required, plenty of it and in good succession.

So many things cause me pain these days: hearing of the teen culture of drinking and sexual promiscuity; watching people waste their lives on the pursuit of hedonism; seeing so many young people just wandering through their lives with no sense of purpose.

The culture seems to have become unhinged. Today, someone told me a young woman was raped in public outside a bar and the drunken man was seen running away. And this is becoming normal news. I feel helpless and, at times, hopeless.

Running a prayer vigil to end abortion seems fruitless when the cause of abortion is sexual immorality, which no one seems to be addressing. Is no one going to warn our youth how they are destroying themselves with these relationships, or lack of relationships rather? No one? I can't see that it is me, a 60-year-old grandmother who doesn't know what to say to this, but feels the pain of it acutely.

I hear the kids at St. Mary's University cheering on their football team and all I can think, is how many will get drunk tonight, have sex, and then present themselves for abortions in two months time? There does not seem to be any innocent fun anymore. Everywhere kids from the age of 10 up are sexualized and accelerated into a lifestyle that no one should wish on anyone.

Hearing of one university girl who had two abortions in the last 18 months and who said "my parents don't care", what can one do? She is not the exception, I am sure. Why have the hearts of parents forsaken their children? Why do they not care? Why are they seeking only their own pleasure and fulfilment? Why aren't parents loving their children anymore? Why?

I feel that we are desperate for a revival. If I only knew where the next John Wesley was, I would go and beg him to come sooner, just come. There must be someone out there of that calibre of moral quality.... or perhaps not.

As one sage woman said to me, "if this is end times, Lord bring it on."


Jaclyn said...

Seeing many of those same things was exactly the reason I was so ready to leave youth ministry two years ago. I worked and worked and worked against that culture, against the lies that are fed to our youth, and felt like I was just spinning my tires in the mud. It got to be too much for me to bear. Now I'm praying for the youth, and trying my best to raise children who will rise above the culture and be an example to their peers. God help us all.

Suzanne said...

The prayers at 40 Days for Life are part of the solution. The prayers for graces will convert the people. Don't despair-- this is what we need more than anything. You're doing the right thing.

Allison said...

I too get discouraged at times. I mean, it's especially hard being of the generation you talk about. To see what peers are doing, yet to be living a completely different life style.

Sometimes I feel so small, like no matter what I say or do really makes a difference. But then I know that God is greater than all the evil in the world. To despair does not help any cause. It just makes me pray harder.

I do think that change will come. But sometimes people, or perhaps generations of people need to hit rock bottom before they see where they've come. They'll see that the life they've led has not given them happiness despite their belief at the time that it did. That's when they'll start looking to see where happiness lies. And I only hope and believe that by continuing to live a Godly lifestyle, we, the people of Christ will show them where to turn.

So long as some of us remain, people will see Christ.

BabyBoy1203 said...

I am working on something right now to address all this, something that's been going on in my head for a while. I will invite you to see it when I'm done, but I hope it will encourage others to get involved. Without involvement, nothing will change. We have to go where the young people actually are. Most do not listen, but many do, and it's for that handful of young people that we have to persevere.

They do not understand the importance of abstinence because they lack chastity. Without chastity, abstinence means nothing. And we have to remember that chastity is a gift from God, but the youth of today, in large part, have had no moral guidance all their lives. Why abstain from sex when there is no reason to? Not getting pregnant and not getting an STD are not compelling reasons for them; the desire to love and be loved is too strong, and they turn to sex for that. They are also addicted; sex is such a habit for them that it's impossible to break that without a truly good reason. When abortion is right there as a "back-up method," why should they abstain? No, it involves getting to the heart of the matter and talking about the beauty, true joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from waiting for marriage for sex, not just saying "sex outside of marriage is wrong." They don't understand, but it has been my experience lately that when they are shown the beautiful side of chastity, rather than just being told that they should wait without being given a compelling reason to wait, many of them are eager to accept that message.

The problem is, no one believes in them. Saying, "Abstinence is fine, but you probably can't do it, so here's a condom just in case," isn't believing in them; it's telling them they WILL fail. Without moral support, they do fail. That's what we're seeing.

Keep going with everything you're doing, especially the campaign. We can't give up, because we are all these people have. They don't have their parents, peers or teachers. And it's far more about what we allow God to do through us than what we ourselves can do, as I know you're aware; on our own, we won't do any good, but with Him we will accomplish something.

I really encourage you to keep up the 40 Days even if there are only a few people every day. Even if the time has to be cut back dramatically every day, keep it going. The number of hours, though important, isn't the most important thing; the constant presence there for 40 days is what truly matters. Passers-by may not see the vigil-keepers as often as you and I would like, but you can't do the impossible. It must be so discouraging for you, but it's exactly in that moment of discouragement that God is asking you to keep going, even when it doesn't seem to work. Let Him do the rest; I know good will come of it.

St. Faustina and Pope John Paul II were both well aware that we are in the middle of the final battle, and that is very obvious. Yes, the fight is tough, but it has already been won for us on the cross!