Friday, September 11, 2009

Abortion is Insidious

This week, abortion showed its reality in two unrelated incidents. The first, when a pastor cancelled my talk this Sunday at his church. I was to come and speak about 40 Days for Life in Halifax and invite members of his congregation to participate. He had asked for a video link that he could show before my presentation, so I sent him the spring overview of 40 Days. He was going to show this to his elders and get back to me, if they approved of it. When I didn't hear from him after two weeks, I emailed and sent him another video link, to a shorter video, thinking that perhaps the first one was too long.

The reply I received was short and to the point. "Abortion is a raw issue here in our church. It turns out that two of the elders had abortions and this is a mine field. We will have to forego the presentation at this time, as I will have to be very cautious with this."

From my visit with him a month previous, this possibility had never entered the picture. I think that he was taken by surprise. I emailed him and said that this was an opportunity for him to tackle the evil of abortion by bringing news of post-abortion healing ministry to these women. I hope that he sees that this is the door that God has opened for him in the lives of these women. Someone said to me "you were never meant to go to that church, but this is obviously the work of the Spirit". I hope and pray that this pastor will find a way to minister to these women. If this event has given him knowledge of two women who have had abortions, chances are that there are several more in the congregation who have been damaged by abortion. The reality of abortion and its destruction of people's lives must be brought out into the open, in order that the Light can shine on this and bring about healing.

The other event was the annual Shinerama held by the first year students at university. You have probably seen this early every September if you live in a university town. Students used to shine shoes, but since hardly anyone wears leather shoes anymore, they now just collect money for research into cystic fibrosis.

A post on Pro Woman Pro Life brought up something I had been thinking about myself. I don't doubt that the money does indeed go for research for a cure, but perhaps the results that we are told are misleading. When we see that the numbers of cases of cystic fibrosis has declined "from 1/2714 before pre-natal genetic testing to 1/3608 in 2000", we need to realise that this decline is not due to eliminating the cause of the disease, but eliminating the baby itself.

The poster wondered if the kids collecting the money realised that, on the one hand, they are supporting research for a cure, while on the other hand, they would also advocate for abortion on their campuses, even if abortion is for genetic reasons.

A reply from Cynthia M. was enlightening:

I have a PhD in Molecular Genetics. And let me assure you, natural selection has not been getting rid of CF. That’s the whole point of recessive alleles — they can stick around at high frequencies because carriers pass on the mutant alleles, often without ever even knowing they carry the gene.
CF is not merely implicated in cholera. It is implicated in many diarrheal illnesses — including typhoid, and the very predominant E. coli. I am certain you will agree that E. coli is still very much a factor, even in developed countries. (Canada’s own recent tragedy with Walkerton is testament to this).
So I would disagree with Suricou’s comment and reiterate that there is a chilling truth to what was posted on PWPL. Natural selection is not making a dent in CF. A decline in the observed incidence of cystic fibrosis is due to prenatal testing.
And there is nothing “natural” about that.

It seems that abortion has tentacles everywhere in our society. This should not surprise me; after all, the number of pregnancies terminated is now one in three; we can expect to see the effects of abortion in many lives and we can expect to see the ramifications of abortion in many areas of society. What I find particularly disturbing, however, is the growing acceptance of abortion for the purposes of eugenics.

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