Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too Busy to Blog

My daughter asked yesterday "why no blogs, Mom?"

Not that I have an extensive readership that is just drying up from my lack of writing, but perhaps an explanation is in order.

Family visits took priority in the last little while, as our daughter Rebecca came home for the first time in 5 1/2 years, bringing with her a husband Nate, plus two sons Rhett, aged two, and Jasper, aged 8 months. It was a great visit and you can read about it here, plus see some photos of the family and where we live.

Canadian visit

I am blogging, just not on this blog. At the moment, I am in the middle of organizing the fall 40 Days for Life vigil here in Halifax and it seems to be about all that I am capable of.

So you can visit that blog if you wish

40 Days for Life Halifax blog

I will get back here, lots of ideas in my head (perhaps too many) which could be why I am kind of paralyzed at getting them out. Where to start? But I think I am finding out that I really am someone who does better if she doesn't multi-task! I suspect that most of us are like that in actuality.


Suzanne said...

I am a very devoted reader and I look forward to your return.

Have you thought about twitter? It's a nice way to micro-blog.

Jaclyn said...

I was worried you'd decided not to blog anymore! I'm glad to hear it's just a well-deserved break. :) I'll look forward to future posts when you have the time again.

The Comeau Family said...

Well, I am also very glad to see you back! For some reason, too, I suspect you have more readers than it appears.

Glad to see you've been enjoying your family this summer!