Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Must Read

As I posted yesterday, I have lots of ideas, but seem to lack the time to blog about them. Perhaps I try to write too much. Every post becomes an article; and I thought today that isn't always necessary.

So rather than let another great idea pass by without mentioning it, I thought I would post short and sweet.

While driving this morning to the printers to pick up posters for 40 Days, I had the radio tuned to CJLU, the Christian radio station here in Halifax. Mornings are the best broadcasts, I personally have not found any Christian music that I like on the radio, so I skip all their music programs.

But the morning show features programs from well-known Christian evangelists, people who are well worth listening to. I have found here Pastor David Jeremiah, who teaches Scripture studies in a powerful way. Today, I was listening to a fascinating conversation, I recognized the voice of Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family, but I didn't know the other voice. But the subject was riveting. They were talking about a new book that the interviewee had just published and the conversation was centered on the fact that youth today simply do not know the tenets of the Christian faith, even those who are attending evangelical Christian churches.

The man interviewed compared his time in the US army, when he spent 16 hours per day learning military routine and being prepared for military defense. He stated that we are engaged in a far more serious battle, one with an eternal destiny, yet our youth are completely unprepared for this. I was taken by surprise when I learned the man speaking was Chuck Colson, the figure indicted in the Watergate scandal.

Now I know this man had a major conversion and one of his books sits on a shelf right behind me as I type. But I really didn't know much about him so the book never grabbed me. It seems that my husband Nick has found all these people years ago and he has read them all; there is little that he doesn't know about. In fact, it is his prodding that is now making me open my eyes to what is happening politically in the world; so if he says "I told you so", I cannot blame him.

Anyway, this is a broadcast you should listen to. You can tune in to it at the Focus on the Family website:
Focus on the Family

The specific link to Chuck's book is this one
Chuck Colson's book

On that page, you can click to listen to Chuck in a short video. His book is called
The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters and it is another book that I am just going to have to order.

In the radio broadcast, Chuck related briefly his conversion, how another political figure witnessed to him that his life had been changed by coming to know Jesus Christ. This sowed a seed in Colson that returned months later, when he was feeling despair about his own life and he went back to see this man. Later that evening, he sat in his car unable to get out and just wept, and asked God to take over his life. He said that was 35 years ago and his life has not been the same since. A remarkable story by a remarkable man. Check it out.

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