Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time to Speak Out

A news item in LifeSiteNews this week got me thinking about possible similar events here in Nova Scotia.

Federal Conservatives Give $400K to Toronto Gay Pride Week

A quick internet search brought up that Gay Pride Week will take place here in Halifax the week of July 18 to 25, culminating in the Gay Pride March on Saturday July 25. Even a cursory look at any such march reveals that this is not about the tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle choice, but is rather an orgy of homosexual behaviour.

Yet, we stand back and are silent, while tax money is given to this organization and onlookers gather to be amused, and our youth are demoralized and lured into behaviour that is self-destructive.

The website for the Halifax march states:
Our theme this year is Breaking Down Walls; Building Bridges! We drew inspiration from the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City, the event that many see as the birth of the Gay Pride Movement.

The Stonewall riots occurred in the summer of 1969

when a group of gay New Yorkers made a stand against raiding police officers at The Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Village... As the police raided the bar, a crowd of four hundred patrons gathered on the street outside and watched the officers arrest the bartender, the doorman, and a few drag queens. The crowd, which eventually grew to an estimated 2000 strong, was fed up. Something about that night ignited years of anger at the way police treated gay people. Chants of “Gay Power!” echoed in the streets. Soon, beer bottles and trash cans were flying.

Police reinforcements arrived and beat the crowd away. It looked like it was over. But the next night, the crowd returned, even larger than the night before. For two hours, protesters rioted in the street outside of the Stonewall Inn until the police sent a riot-control squad to disperse the crowd.

On the first night alone, 13 people were arrested and four police officers were injured. At least two rioters were said to be severely beaten by the police and many more sustained injuries.

The following Wednesday, approximately 1000 protesters returned to continue the protest and march on Christopher Street. A movement had begun.

Stonewall turned out to be a pivotal moment in the gay rights movement. It united the gay community in New York in the fight against discrimination. The following year, a march was organized in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots and between 5,000 and 10,000 men and women attended the march. - - Manhattan, NY

Just how much of the population is gay? Estimates are placed at around 10%, and this number comes from the work of Alfred Kinsey, a biologist who founded the Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University. The institute is now called the Kinsey Institute for Reserach in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. What is not commonly known is that Kinsey's research
included ciminal sexual abuse of infants, and that a substantial part of his survey population was drawn from prison inmates and 'gay' bars- but they were represented by Kinsey as typical of the whole population. Kinsey himself was a homosexual who died from orchitis, an inflammation of the testes often caused by excessive sexual self-abuse. - BC teachers' 'social justice' conference, by Ron Gray, Catholic Insight June 2009

Actually Kinsey was bi-sexual and he was married with four children.

James H. Jones's biography, Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life, describes Kinsey as bisexual, and experimenting in masochism. He encouraged group sex involving his graduate students, wife and staff. Kinsey filmed sexual acts in the attic of his home as part of his research. Biographer Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy explained that using Kinsey's home for the filming of sexual acts was done to ensure the films' secrecy, which would certainly have caused a scandal had the public become aware of them. - Alfred Kinsey, Wikipedia

So this is the man who has written the Bible of sexual behaviour, and upon whose work most of the sexual theories of today rest. Surely the work of someone with a personal life such as this cannot be taken as representative? Yet his work stands, largely uncontested. Kinsey estimated that 10% of the population was homosexual or gay; however independent polls place that percentage as less than 5%, actually closer to 2%.

An interview with a man who once practised a homosexual lifestyle, but has since left that life and now runs a ministry to help others leave that lifestyle, provides insights into what is going on:

I am one of thousands of men and women who are living proof that there is no basis whatsoever to pass any legislation equating homosexuality with heterosexuality. It’s a lie. It’s simply a lie. Again, from myself, coming out from that lifestyle years ago, I’m the first to tell you that it’s nothing but a deceptive counterfeit. It doesn’t bring forth life, it brings forth death. It’s not birthed out of anything good, it’s birthed out of trauma and out of dysfunction and things early on in childhood that have caused people to go down this path.

Homosexual activists have just forcefully said “we don’t care what you think and we’re just gonna do what we’re gonna do, simply put.” And they’ve used the media as their major conduit to introduce all kinds of gay characters, to desensitize people to the issue of homosexuality.

There was a book that came out in 1991 called “after the ball”, written by two homosexual social scientists, and I say that this book was the Osama Bin Laden video tape of 9/11. They clearly spelled out how they were going to convert America over a ten year period to buy into the idea that gay is ok. These people have completely succeeded. Their book is like a book of the bible of prophesy which has been almost completely fulfilled.

So America has been duped, the tables have been turned, and now we’re suffering the consequences, and I say we are literally all like lambs being led to the slaughter right now and people are just buying into this false misinformation campaign of the gay activists. - Stephen Bennett

Read the entire interview here

The "gay rights" movement has acquired the ability to pressure our culture into accepting these displays of deviant sexual behaviour. They even manage to get funding for them. Pepsi-Cola is a huge corporate sponsor of the homosexual agenda and their products include Mountain Dew, Frito Lay, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, Aquafina bottled water to name a few. Pepsi even has mandatory sessions for their employees to ensure that no one is homophobic.

If the percentage of the population that is gay is that small, why should the rest of us bend to accommodate this group? They wield enormous political power; after all, homosexuals have both the time and the money to advance their agenda, because they aren't busy taking care of their families.

Why should any society endorse a movement that tries to recruit members, when the activity promoted actually causes disease? Practising homosexuals have a lower life expectancy than heterosexuals; the number one group contracting and spreading AIDS in North America are homosexuals with multiple partners. Why would anyone promote this? Not only is it dangerous to those who engage in this lifestyle, but it is going to cost the health care system a great deal in the near future.

I know that there are people who sincerely believe that they are homosexuals and I do not berate them at all. What I do take a stand against is the insistence by the homosexual group that tolerance of their lifestyle is not enough; they insist that we accept their lifestyle as normal. Normal it is not. I would say rather that it is narcissistic and suicidal; homosexuals do not care about the future generation, in fact they are busy making sure there isn't going to be one.

We Christians are too silent on this. I see young men and women adopting this lifestyle that will enslave them. True freedom does not exist in surrendering to base sexual behaviour; freedom comes from living in the truth purchased for us by Jesus Christ who loved us to the point of death.

"For you have been bought with a great price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit for you are His." I Corinthians 6:20


Mark said...

Julie, would you kindly remove the illustration from this opinion piece, as it's being used out of context and without due credit?

deBeauxOs said...

You said: "We Christians have been silent for far too long"

Not quite. Those Christians who are tolerant, accepting, pacifist, respectful, altruistic, infused with love inspired by the Gospel and Christ's words have been silenced by the shrieking, malevolent, threatened, and rage-fuelled fundamentalist so-called Christians who spout hateful propaganda such as you do.

Aren't there commandments against stealing and lying?

Reality Bites said...

Silly, deBeauxOs. "Christians'" rules are ONLY for other people, never for themselves. Calling yourself a "Christian" is like having a "Get out of being a decent human being free" card. They can do whatever they want, lie, cheat, steal, have affairs, have abortions, but as long as they accept Jesus as their saviour, anything they do is just fine.

To someone like Julie, a monogamous for life lesbian is a depraved sinner, but some scumbag minister who cries crocodile tears when he gets caught stealing people's money or doing it with hookers is a hero.

There's no reasoning with people whose morality is so seriously screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Canadian faggots come out in full force on THEPOLITICS blog in defence of pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles.

Raging faggot "Montral Simon" makes failed attempt to mobilise other Canadian bloggers to his defence. After his call to arms fails he runs back to his cave to lick his wounded False Ego and comiserate with his leftie friends see:

Other raging faggot named Vincent makes idiotic arguments in defence of pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles that paint all faggots as mentally ill (hard to disagree with that one)

Anonymous said...

karol on June 19th, 2009 2:20 pm [#]
■Éric wrote;

"Even if you don’t “agree” with homosexuality (which is like you don’t agree with people growing more than 6 feet in height), it is difficult to believe that denying this parade government funding would do anything but cause trouble for the Conservatives. People won’t stop being gay because the Conservatives didn’t fund Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade"

Same argument could be made for pedophiles (check with Dr. James Cantor at CAMH on this one), zoophiles and necrophiles just to name the few.

I find gay people very necrophobic as they do not allow necrophiles to to take part in their Pride Parade and show the rest of us how to have sex with dead people.

I also find gay people very zoophobic as they do not allow zoophiles to to take part in their Pride Parade and show the rest of us how to have sex with domesticated animals.

When it comes to pedophiles gays show some understanding and tolerance as they allow peophiles to advertise in Toronto homosexual newspapers sexual services of children and homosexual lawyers also go out of their way defend pedophiles charged with posession of kiddie porn.

If the purpose of gay parade is to make the rest of us more tolerant and popularise gay sex and gay lifestyles why should we draw the line at two males or two females having sex and not three or five,
Why not show us a brave zoophile sodomising siberian tiger?
Why not show us an octopus sodomising eight gay boys, all at the same time??
People from all around the World would come to Toronto and they would pay a good money to see shows like that. Gay Pride Parade does not need government subsidy, it needs tolerance by gay community of other sexual orientations and good business management.

Vincent on June 20th, 2009 10:03 pm [#]
You’re all a bunch of wankers.


While I’m at it, let’s dismantle Karol’s comment comparing gay people to zoophiles, necrophiliacs, and pedophiles. I hate to break it to you, but homosexuals, zoophiles, necrophiliacs, and pedophiles are all people. Hard as it is to believe, you could be any one of those things and still be a good person all around. The only difference between gay people and zoophiles/necrophiliacs/pedophiles is, when we have sex, it’s not illegal (barring having sex in public places or things like that). I really get sick of people comparing gay people to pedophiles to try to discredit them, but I get even sicker of people assuming that pedophiles are all bad people. Not all pedophiles are child molesters, or exploitative of children in any way. Pedophilia is only characterized by a sexual attraction towards children–which, uncomfortable and disturbing as it may be to most of us, is not in and of itself wrong. Acting on it, however, is, because of the harm it does to children. There are pedophiles out there who aren’t child molesters and would never do anything to exploit or hurt a child, and they struggle with the sexual feelings they consider inappropriate, not at all helped by the fact that society condemns them for just having them. Same basic deal for zoophiles and necrophiliacs. Damn, people, show a little tolerance.

Anonymous said...

karol on June 21st, 2009 11:17 am [#]

Thank you for coming out of the woodwork in defence of your sexually deviant friends. I am glad that you agree with me that there is no much, if any, difference between homosexuals on one hand and pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles on the other hand.
I am glad that you recognise pedophilia not only as a criminal behaviour that is harmful to children but also as a sickness of mind of individuals who are struck by this mental condition.

I am also glad that you think that homosexuals deserve as much compassion from the public at large as pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles.

We actually agree on all basic points except for the conclusions.

Since homosexuals, pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles.all suffer from sickness of mind and because of that deserve public understanding and compassion, we as a society have a humanitarian obligations towards homosexuals, pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles that extends way past lip service and public show of our understanding and compassion. We have an obligation to do our best to try to help homosexuals, pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles overcome these thoughts that hamper their ability to function in our society.

If we can do it for schizophrenics who also have strange thoughts in their heads that hamper their ability to function (some schizophrenics never act on thoughts they have or the voices that they hear in their heads, same way as some mystical pedophiles who allegedly never act on their sexual urges) I see no reason that we should leave homosexuals, pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles to their own devices and deny them benefits of psychotropic medications or electro shock therapy that seems to work so well for schizophrenics.

I would argue that refusing to recognise that homosexuals, pedophiles, necrophiles and zoophiles are mentally ill and refusing them psychiatric treatment is one of the greatest violations of human rights in modern society.

Anonymous said...

■karol on June 21st, 2009 3:41 pm [#]
dalton, Ryan,
Why you do not even try to attempt to debate the issues raised same way Vincent did. Why you keep on calling me nasty names even when I agree with everything (and more) that Vincent wrote in his post??
First you call for understanding and compassion for you as people despite of your sexual perversion. When I try to show not only my understanding and compassion but also my genuine concern and offer some solutions you start calling me names and run away.
Majority of Canadian faggots, as fas as I know do drugs anyway so why do they try to run away from doing different drugs like Zyprexa, drugs that are paid for by the government and drugs that are administered at government sponsored medical facility.

Many Canadian faggots are into sado/masochism so why are they against electro convulsive therapy paid for by the government and administered at government sponsored medical facility.
■Ryan on June 21st, 2009 4:22 pm [#]
“Majority of Canadian faggots, as fas as I know do drugs anyway so why do they try to run away from doing different drugs like Zyprexa, drugs that are paid for by the government and drugs that are administered at government sponsored medical facility.
Many Canadian faggots are into sado/masochism so why are they against electro convulsive therapy paid for by the government and administered at government sponsored medical facility.”

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin in responding to this . . . and won’t even bother.

Karol – your posts are staggeringly awful and your views are repugnant and ignorant. In fact, you must be joking? Right?

Simon said...
Hi Torontonian...GEEZUS...why am I cursed to have such wise old friends? :)
But you're right of course I will simply ignore Karol and his friends.
The last time I checked he was calling for gays to be given electric shock treatment so it can only get WORSE. And he can only get CRAZIER.
Which reminds me I'm a bit concerned about this old guy walking around my garden talking to himself ...with a pickled fetus in one hand, and a zucchini in the other. You don't think it's him do you? And should I send out the toaster oven to talk to him...get the big screen tv to tell him to fuck off....or just call the insane asylum?
You know maybe you're right. Maybe it's just simpler and healthier to
laugh at them...

4:38 AM

deBeauxOs said...

"The number of bias-motivated, anti-gay murders in the United States rose 28% last year, reaching its highest level since 1999 according to a report released by a national advocacy coalition. The research, which was coordinated by a group called the New York City Anti-Violence Project, also found a general trend of increasingly severe violence toward GLBT people.

Sharon Stapel, a spokesperson for the project, suggested that the disturbing increase is partially due to an increase in rhetoric, as gay issues took a more prominent role in the presidential campaign. ..." From here.

Happy now? Tell me, when did your type of Christians decide that hate was a family value?

Anonymous said...

Homosexual researcher Douglas Victor Janoff tells it like it it is: homosexuality is driven by aggression and act of sodomy is an attempted murder.

"We're our own worst enemies"
GAYBASHING / Defence mechanisms: blocking out the violence
Douglas Victor Janoff / Vancouver / Thursday, September 29, 2005

I've just spent nearly a quarter of my life, off and on, researching the darkness that haunts our community. The result is my book, Pink Blood: Homosexual Violence in Canada, which chronicles over a hundred killings and more than 350 queer on queer bashing incidents that have occurred in Canada since 1990.

Depressing? Obviously, but what's really distressing is when friends say to me, "I bought your book, but I had to put it down. It's just too disturbing."

I wrote Pink Blood because there was a serious lack of information on the topic, but now I'm forced to ponder something even more disturbing: will anything really change? Will our community take the ball and run with it?

The defence mechanisms we've developed along the way that shield us from endemic to gay community homophobia and violence may prevent us from making the necessary changes. Here are some of the ways our community drops the ball when homosexual violence rears its ugly head.


"Doug, you must have been really victimized to want to write this book." Right, so this is all about me; tilting at windmills, trying to right a terrible wrong because I've been so brutally victimized. It's true. I've had some horrible experiences. But so have a lot of other people. I don't think others need to experience what I went through in order to engage in the issue of homosexual violence. A little empathy is all that's needed.


In this scenario, violence is not such a bad thing after all. One man in Vancouver, who was raped in his apartment by an intruder, complained that his gay male friends offered him no support whatsoever. In fact, they continually joked about it and said he must have enjoyed it. In Toronto, a gay male journalist wrote a column complaining that a straight journalist just didn't understand queer culture. He suggested that this man should "go to a bathhouse and put his saggy ass in the air, his face in a pillow and see who rams him from behind... I will happily supply the condoms and a lot of lube (cuz God knows he'll need it)." This points to a darker pathology: gay men who believe that forced sex is inevitable, so why not enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

Pink Blood:

It's impossible to take a stand against that which you deny exists. In Victoria, a man with a concealed knife walked into a bar not realising it was a gay bar. He tried dancing with a young woman, then stabbed her several times on the dance floor before attempting to escape. He explained later that she had "rejected" him. The kicker: the victim said, "I don't believe this was any sort of gay issue... This can happen to anyone, and it doesn't matter if you're homosexual or heterosexual." Homosexuals always imply that the basher denies his involvement but in this case, even the victim went out of her way to deny that homophobia was a motivating factor. Despite of her denial BC homosexuals still insist that it was a homophobic hate crime.


We take a stand against homosexual violence-but only sometimes. In 1998, after Matthew Shepard was killed in Wyoming by a bi-sexual, memorial vigils were held across Canada. But in a one-year period around the time of his death, six Canadian gay men were killed by their homosexual partners. There were no vigils for them. We took our cues from the American media. In some ways, it's easier to mourn someone else's loss than our own.

Even when we do mourn our own, it's spotty.

In Ottawa, the murder of one gay man in his apartment by another homosexual sparked a candlelight vigil. Six months later, a similar incident was ignored. In Toronto, the community organized a vigil for murder victim Cassandra Do, tanssexual prostitute killed by one of her clients but there was no vigil for psychiatrist Henry Durost who died under similar circumstances, killed in his apartment by a homosexual prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Pink Blood:

In many jurisdictions in this country, the police have no reliable systems that keep track of hate crimes that are motivated by homosexual deviancy.

We all pay to support the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a police force that has done precious little on a national level to work with our community. And in Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police has spent millions on a hate crime unit that does not produce statistics about homosexual violence. That doesn't mean queer on queer bashing doesn't exist in these jurisdictions; it means we haven't demanded that it be addressed.

In 1990, dozens of queer protestors were beaten and jailed by the Montreal police. Even though the violence was captured on television, the police were not prosecuted. In fact, they never even issued an apology.

And yet, people get charged with sexual assaults that happened 40 years ago.

A small group of local activists tried, but they could only do so much. Without generous legal and financial support on a national scale, these abuses will continue to go unchallenged.

In Montreal, several gay men have reportedly received out-of-court settlements after being beaten by the police. Why did they take the cheques and agree to keep to their mouths shut? Chances are, if some of these victims had the legal and financial backing of a strong, vocal queer civil liberties group they would have spoken out, but in the absence of such support perhaps they feared losing everything if they took on the police alone.


"We do it to ourselves."

In this variation, the violence happens because, as a community, we're so fucked up that we turn on each other.

In Ottawa, for example, a predator found his gay victims on Cruiseline. He would go to their houses and attack and rob them. He told one victim, "I will kill you, cocksucker."

After he pleaded guilty to 38 charges in 10 separate incidents, he explained to police that he was actually bisexual.

Because of this admission, the police concluded that the assaults were not technically gaybashings; robbery was the primary motive. Besides, how could the perpetrator be a gaybasher if he was bi himself?

The chair of the police liaison committee, an organization that supposedly represents the interests of the queer community, didn't question the police on this approach. Instead, she thanked them for their diligence.

We need to acknowledge that the violence we inflict, even on one another, can be homophobic in its intent.

Would it kill us to demand justice?

Do we have a choice? Doing nothing is killing us anyway.

The Vancouver book launch of Pink Blood: Homosexual Violence in Canada will take place on Tue Oct 11 at Gordon Neighbourhood House, 1019 Broughton St, at 7:30 pm. The event is part of a 15-city speaking tour this fall. For more details on the book, the author and tour, visit

Anonymous said...

Vincent on June 22nd, 2009 6:12 am [#]
Karol, I’m not going to bother trying to argue with you further from this post, because you’re only going to twist my words.

I don’t believe that gay people are mentally ill. The mental illness of pedophiles, zoophiles, and necrophiliacs is also questionable. We’re talking about sexuality and paraphilias, here, not dysfunctions of the brain that make it impossible to think or lead a functional life.

Furthermore, you got it backwards: I believe that pedophiles, zoophiles, and necrophiliacs deserve as much compassion as gay people, not the other way around. A thought, inclination, or desire is not a criminal behavior. Instead of demonizing people who are different from us in these respects, perhaps we should show a little compassion for them.

Also, it’s been proven numerous times that reparative therapy of any kind, including psychotropic drugs and electroshock treatment, does not change a person’s sexual orientation. Clearly, you are stuck in the past, completely unable to argue from a current, relevant, legitimate position.

■karol on June 22nd, 2009 11:14 am [#]
Vincent, you wrote quote,

“Clearly, you are stuck in the past, completely unable to argue from a current, relevant, legitimate position.”

I guess that what you are hinting at: “current, relevant, legitimate position” is pseudo scientific BS that raging faggot Dr. James Cantor puts out on his blog.

I also guess that “current, relevant, legitimate position” is what raging faggot Dr. James Cantor posts while hacking Wikipedia pages in the middle of the night.

“Hontas then went on to collaborate with James Cantor (a paid staff member at CAMH, aka ‘The Clarke Institute’), assisting Cantor in his rampage of wikipedia page construction, page hacking and edit-warring. Their effort focuses on posting new pages that extol the work of Zucker, Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence and Dreger – and trashing the wikipedia biographies of ZBBLD critics. ”

I also guess that “current, relevant, legitimate position” is what raging faggot Dr. James Cantor takes down from Wikipedia,after he gets nailed
User:James Cantor
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia……………

A pledge
…….., I pledge not to edit article space of the pages listed below, and I invite both Dicklyon, Jokestress to do the same.
The Man Who Would Be Queen
Ray Blanchard
Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence theory
Feminine essence theory of transsexuality
J. Michael Bailey
Archives of Sexual Behavior
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Andrea James
Deirdre McCloskey
— James Cantor (talk) 04:51, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

Please let me know if I am missing something here.

The Comeau Family said...

Julie, I'm with you on this one, as usual. I'm sorry to see so much misunderstanding and hatred here in the comments. You don't deserve that and many of these comments are extremely judgmental of you as a person. Don't be discouraged; such comments only serve to prove your point. :)

Jesus, too, spoke up (and HOW) when there was a need. Just remember the cleansing of the temple. He was not happy.