Monday, June 8, 2009

A Man I Admire More than Most

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, now 83 years old, is still trying to do what he can for the pro-life movement. This is a man whom I deeply respect; if I had the resources, I would love to write his autobiography.

I think that part of his appeal to me is that he is a medical doctor and I am the daughter of a medical doctor who greatly resembled Nathanson in personality. Driven men, very smart men, mega-achievers; reading The Hand of God by Nathanson gave me insights into my own father. What drives a man who becomes a doctor but is not just the practical doctor, but one who thinks beyond the practice of medicine to morality? That was what Nathanson did and that was why he had his conversion. And my dad was also driven by morality, driven to write a book called Medicine and the State, driven to debate Tommy Douglas on national television, the political figure who brought the politics of socialized medicine to Canada. For the record, socialized medicine was something I used to think was good, but which I now question just as my father did.

This is a man for whom I have so much respect; he had the humility to confess before the world and before his peers, which might be harder, that he was wrong - wrong about abortion, the repeal of said laws he spent a great part of his life fighting for.

I highly recommend that you read anything that he has written, but especially the book The Hand of God. In this book, he even admits to having aborted his own child, with no remorse whatsoever, but simply as a utilitarian measure and one which he looked at with pride because he had done it well. And then years later, he confesses those terrible terrible mistakes of his past.

It takes a great man to confess that he was wrong; it takes a holy man to admit that he has sinned against God and against his fellow human beings. And Bernard Nathanson is both.

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