Thursday, June 4, 2009

Linda's hearing is tomorrow

Please pray for Linda Gibbons and those who will make a decision about her freedom tomorrow. Her hearing was supposed to be today, June 4, but has been changed to June 5. She is not allowed to attend it, why I don't know.

Linda has been in jail since before Christmas for failing to comply with an injunction that forbids her to step inside the 60 foot bubble zone outside the Scott abortuary in Toronto. That injunction was temporary, brought down in 1994, by the NDP government of Ontario. If you remember - it was that brief episode in Ontario history when Bob Rae practically ruined the province financially.

The injunction has stayed in place for 15 years now, and Linda has spent more than 5 of those years in jail because she does not obey it. They continue to press charges that skirt the issue of the injunction itself. She is charged with obstructing a police officer (which she has never done); she is charged with disturbing the peace (which she also has not done). In fact, Linda walks up and down in front of the clinic and quietly speaks to women who are entering for an abortion. She offers them literature that has alternatives to abortion and she tries peacefully to stop the women from entering to kill their babies.

Doesn't sound like much of a criminal to me. Yet, there she is in Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ontario along with other criminals. I even found a blog in England that was trying to get people to petition Amnesty International on Linda's behalf; Amnesty's reply was that they do not consider anti-abortionists to be victims of injustice.

Please keep Linda in mind and pray that true justice will be dispensed in her case. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.


Elena said...

The kids have become very interested by Linda Gibbons and your correspondence. Jacob of course wondered is she is a saint. Probably. They would like to write to her. They are, however, accumulating a wealth of evidence that paints policemen as bad...

Julie said...

No word on Linda's case yet.
Yes, I can imagine that the kids might think policemen are not as good as they are supposed to believe. How does one communicate the idea of unjust laws to 6-year-olds? Because it is not the police, but the courts that are the problem.