Saturday, June 20, 2009

Development and Peace

Just released, a video from LifeSiteNews on the latest findings of their investigation of Development and Peace, the social justice outreach of the Canadian Council of Bishops. Please pass this link on to your email contacts and be sure to inform people of the misguided efforts of Development and Peace. No Catholic organization should be funding, either directly or indirectly, anti-life policies that are in complete defiance of Catholic teaching.


Blaise Alleyne said...

I thought the investigations returned no evidence?

Julie said...

The investigations were carried out by an internal review, which is extremely suspect. Two bishops plus two lay persons went to Mexico, but they found nothing. However the organizations they visited had sufficient notice to remove any incriminating evidence.
If you go to
and put in a search for this, you will find many links for the evidence. None of which have been refuted definitively.
Now the head of the bishops' conference is claiming that this is just like when the Vatican called for a review of UNICEF for the same reasons. However, he claims that the Vatican continued their support to UNICEF which is incorrect. The Vatican suspended all financial support since UNICEF was found to be funding abortion-promoting and contraceptive-promoting groups.