Thursday, May 7, 2009

The World is Changing

If you have thought seriously about the declining birth rate of the Western world, you already know the alarming statistics. But the video above certainly packs them in for quick viewing. Mark Steyn, author of America Alone, has been warning about the Muslim takeover for at least a decade; is anyone listening?

This photo is of a mosque that is being built just a couple of blocks from our house. With no community meeting to inform the residents of what was being built, this rather large mosque was put up, sandwiched between the Maritime Conservatory of Music and a neighbouring house. It encroaches on the soccer field behind that used to be used by the local school for physical education. I doubt they go there now.

When I approached our alderwoman about this building and asked what permits had been requested for it, I was informed that none were necessary. The property is owned by the Muslim Maritime Academy and they are free to build any institution, either academic or religious, without requesting permission of the city. Those bylaws seem wide open to me. So the land was first acquired under the name Maritime Muslim Academy, and now the Muslim community is building a very large mosque in an area where the neighbours thought there would only be a school. I doubt that any other religious denomination would get away with such a move. The local residents would be sure to voice their complaints and loudly.

I decided to send the photos to the local newspaper and ask if they knew anything about this. I was informed that no one had made any inquiry or stated any complaint and why was I bothered by it? When I replied that they had not heard any complaint because people are too afraid to speak up, because of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions, I received no further communication. I suggested that perhaps Bruce MacKinnon could draw a cartoon showing the very large mosque stuck between the adjacent buildings with almost no space between, but I was not taken up on the offer. Guess the Chronicle Herald is afraid of the Human Rights Commissions too.

In an interview with feminist Andrea Calver on the Michael Coren show, Ezra Levant argued with Andrea when she accused him of vilifying Muslims by publishing the now-famous Mohammed cartoons in his magazine, the Western Standard. No other publication was brave enough to print that news, and for his act, Ezra has spent the better part of the last year and over $100,000 in legal fees arguing his case for freedom of speech (in this case, freedom to print) against the Canadian Human Rights Commission. I love Ezra's quip to Andrea, "I hope your burqa rests lightly on your shoulders", when she told him that we have to be tolerant of diversity in Canadian culture. The trouble with some diversity is that it could lead to our own oppression.


The Comeau Family said...

Julie, you've got guts! You're asking some good questions. I think people are afraid to say anything about anything these days. You know, we've got the "N" word and the "L" word and the "S" word and get it. We're "intolerant" no matter what we do or even think, it seems.

That mosque is, at the very least, so very out of place. Even a church would be out of place there. There's no room for it!

The Comeau Family said...

Oh, I also want to say something about the video, which is frightening (what do we expect when we kill our own people before they're born?): I notice that the US is the only country mentioned that shows even a glimmer of hope as far as the birth rate goes. True, it's not good, but it's better than the others. My first thought is that this can be attributed to the strong pro-life movement and the devotion to prayer and Eucharistic adoration.

What kind of world is my poor little Damien going to grow up in...? I worried almost frantically about that during pregnancy, but my hope is that he will make a difference for the better.