Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Intolerance of Tolerance

Christians are under attack in the western world for so-called "intolerance". Particularly in the area of sexual identity and sexual behaviour. But I beg to differ.

We have seen the advance of the gay agenda in order to protect the rights of those who identify themselves as homosexuals or bi-sexuals or trans-gendered. And under consideration in the US at the moment is hate crime legislation that will include offenses to someone on the basis of their sexual orientation. As Dr. James Dobson predicts: "The broad definition [of sexual orientation] could mean anything including the 30 forms of sexual deviancy that are listed by the American Psychiatric Association." (Focus on the Family Daily : Protecting Our Country's Future (05/14/09))

Christians have always tolerated those who deviate from the standard heterosexual norm; we have not denied that they are entitled to jobs, relationships, housing, etc because of their sexual identity; what we do deny is their assertion that they are entitled to the rights reserved for traditional marriage. We tolerate their rightful demand that they be treated as equals, what we will not do is accept as ideology that their lifestyle is to be considered the norm.

The true liberal position, that it is right and just to tolerate behaviour that deviates from the norm as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, is deemed to be rank prejudice on the grounds that homosexuality is not ‘deviancy’ but normal. ‘Normality’ is thus rendered incoherent and absurd and accordingly destroyed altogether. The agenda is therefore not liberal tolerance but illiberal coercion against mainstream moral values, on the basis that the very idea of having normative moral principles at all is an expression of bigotry. So anyone who speaks out against gay rights is immediately vilified as a ‘homophobe’ and treated as a social and professional pariah.
- Melanie Phillips, The Spectator

What has happened because of this aggressive agenda is that people who disagree are coerced into silence. What we have is the "intolerance of tolerance".

Christian pastors are silenced with life-time gag orders, as in the case of Stephen Boissoin. Christian social service agencies are forced to hire active homosexuals, even though the practice of homosexuality goes against their principles. Christian adoption agencies are forced to give children to homosexual couples, in direct opposition to their principles and the growing body of psychological evidence that children fare best in a home with heterosexual parents.

But what about the unfair treatment of traditional Christians and other faith groups? The doctrine of equality means they have no right at all to uphold their belief that certain types of sexual behaviour are wrong. This is simply trumped by gay rights, which allows them no space at all to uphold their religious beliefs. This is not progressive. It is totalitarian .... Truly, as the joke goes, what was once prohibited has now become compulsory. Once, homosexual practice was outlawed. Now, it appears that Christian practice is to be afforded the same fate. This is a matter of fundamental civil rights.
- Melanie Phillips, The Spectator

We who value traditional marriage and all that goes with it, are being relegated to a "fringe group" that will have to defend our beliefs. This is a complete reversal of what is normal. We are the ones in the majority; however we are now being victimized by a group that has advanced their agenda upon society, even though they make up less than 5% of that society.

.... traditionalists are supposed to accept the fact that, despite clear-cut majorities in election after election and poll after poll, we must accept a new status as a fringe-group minority with special protections – until judges come along to strip away those defenses and to force compliance to the new tyranny of “marriage equality,” regardless of the doctrines of long-standing faith tradition (and secular common sense) that we may continue to uphold.... The prospect threatens not only the future of the institution of marriage (by altering that institution beyond recognition) but the core idea of this Republic--that legal standards and social norms should reflect the preferences (or at least the consent) of the majority of the people.
- Michael Medved

Whereas, previously, homosexuals were accepted by the majority of the population and we did not deny their rights in areas that did not conflict with our own beliefs, now we are the victims of their agenda. But as our governments legislate "gay rights", we will be the ones who will be stripped of our rights. This is an upheaval of justice that is actually being made into law. So the group that demanded that we tolerate them, are now not only completely intolerant of us, but are taking us to court over it.


preparednesspro said...

This is an excellent article - I couldn't have said it better myself. Christians are certainly coming under condemnation for wanting to preserve the rights that they enjoy through traditional marriage. Bravo, keep up the great work.

matthew archbold said...

Thanks for this piece. I have no doubt that we, as Christians, are in the crosshairs now of the secular elites.

They will try to shame us, tax us, and beat us into submission. But we won't go away.

This fight over the issue of life must be won. thanks.