Monday, May 25, 2009

Silence on Abortion

There is an election coming in Nova Scotia in early June. And every election, Campaign Life Coalition - the pro-life political entity in Canada - sends a questionnaire to every candidate that is running, asking them for their stand on issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.
This time, despite dozens and dozens of questionnaires being mailed out, only three responses were received back. Two of those simply repeated the line for the party they represent. One response was a phoned response, that indicated the person running was pro-life, but didn't really want to answer all the questions as such. I guess it would really hurt her in the election.

Over the weekend, I sent a comment to the local newspaper; they have a section called The Voice of the People. As expected, they did not print it.
This was what I wrote:

Every year, 2000 abortions are performed in Nova Scotia hospitals at an average cost of $1000 per abortion. The people of Nova Scotia give two million dollars in tax revenue to pay for abortions, over 90% of which are not medically necessary.

However, our population is decreasing, schools are closing, and the majority of the population is becoming increasingly older. Just to maintain the population at the current level, we need 2.1 babies per woman. Our current birth rate is 1.6, far below what is required simply to replace ourselves. Where will the next generation come from? Where are the next group of tax payers to underwrite the health care and other social services that we all take for granted?

I would suggest that the political candidates seriously think about de-funding abortions that are not medically necessary; that tax money could be diverted to other and better causes. The “right of women” to terminate their pregnancies because they are “unwanted” or “inconvenient” is costing our society, not only financially, but that presumed “right” is eliminating the next generation of Canadians.

Now, it would seem to me that if a country was threatened by a virus that was going to kill off 10% of the population, everyone would be running scared. The World Health Organization would be super-vigilant; everyone would be concerned and extremely worried.

However, because abortion is esconced as a "woman's right to reproductive freedom", they won't touch this topic with a ten-foot pole. How incredibly short-sighted.

The present profile of our population shows an ever-growing bulge in the senior category. A healthy population should look like a triangle, with the wide base consisting of the very young, the children; the middle part corresponding to the middle years of the working part of the population, those who are paying the taxes and keeping the economy going; and the narrow part at the top would represent those who are elderly and are now retired, those members of the society who are reaping the majority of the health benefits, pensions, etc.

Our population is in reverse, with the largest bulge appearing at the top end of the middle section of working people, and the bulge is creaping upwards. In other words, we have an unhealthy proportion of elderly people to young. Whereas we require a large number of people to be in the wage-earning, and tax-paying bracket, we are seeing the vast majority becoming those who pay less taxes and are becoming greater burdens to the health care system.

Do our politicians even care about this? Their complete silence on the population profile seems to show that they are either completely ignorant of the problem or they choose to ignore it. But they cannot continue to ignore it, because we will soon be at the point where we are not able to maintain essential services simply because we lack the man power to run them.

And still, they will not address the problem that abortion is contributing to - abortion is eliminating the next generation. Add that to the fact that we have a birth rate that is too low to maintain present population numbers, and I would think that we have a major problem on our horizon.

Still no word from the politicians on this; no word from the media. Are they really so afraid of feminists that they cannot speak of what is coming? Are they willing to let women's claims that they have to have reproductive freedom, which includes killing their own children, take precedence over the future of our very society? Their silence indicates that they are indeed scared stiff of pro-choice women.

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