Monday, May 4, 2009

Rabbi Yehuda Levin Warns

Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Levin is outspoken on many issues that are current in modern society. I can't help but think he may be right with this one.

Now, I don't like to give in to dire predictions and Lord knows, there are many around who are giving them. But you know, some of this stuff really rings true. About six months ago, I read a blog that predicted economic collapse in the US economy because of the refusal of Americans to vote for a pro life presidential candidate. You may scoff, but perhaps that blogger was right. Perhaps choosing a leader for reasons that are based more on the economy than on life issues really does bring about God's wrath.

If we believe in a God who has an interest in this world and in what human beings are doing, then at some point, we have to admit He might actually be causing some of the stuff that is happening.

I like Rabbi Levin's cautious comment at the end of the video, that we need to heed the warnings and return to moral values. You know, it really is common sense.

So whether we like it or not, let's get back to standards of decency and morality, that God-willing we will be able to weather the floods, the storms, the devastations, the economic hardships, the swine flu, the AIDS and many other things as we return to the good graces of the good God.

h/t Patrick B. Craine


Elena said...

I would caution against saying that God causes these things to happen. Rather, it is the permissive will of God that allows these things to occur for his greater glory or so that goodness will prevail. Best example, the crucifixion. Nature is fallen, just as man, because of sin and the prevalence and increase in sin has its consequent repercussions in nature that happen naturally because A leads to B. I don't think that God is the cause of this but He does allow it for reasons of restoration, cleansing and so on. It is our sin that has set these occurences into motion, not God.

The Comeau Family said...

I've heard Rabbi Levin speak a few times at the March for Life in D.C. WOW. Very powerful speaker.

I agree, as well, that God allows these things rather than causes them. My first thought anytime there is a new forest fire or virus like this is, "There are natural consequences to sin." Without sin, there would not be these natural disasters. Our sin even affects nature! Unfortunately, the innocent die along with those who might have brought this punishment on themselves. I feel that these things are like choosing hell: God doesn't send us to hell so much as we ourselves choose it, and He allows us to freely walk away from Him. It must make Him ache to see us destroy ourselves, if I can put it that way...

By the way, I've just not had the heart to comment on your last few posts, especially the one with the video (which has now been removed from YouTube, it seems) about the ultra-selfish reasons for girls getting abortions. I just couldn't find the words. I was disturbed beyond words, actually, as I often am, and was in tears most of the evening, but let me just say that this video has challenged me on a whole new level. I'm praying desperately, and spending a lot of time thinking and planning, to be better inspired about what my role is in this horrible nightmare. I've increased my pro-life activity, whatever good it may be, but there is so much more I want and hope to be able to do. So, thanks for posting that. Although I've seen a lot of abortions on video, that one was particularly disgusting and the "doctor" had absolutely no life in his eyes. The little hand, foot and face... Mangled as they are, I would scoop them up and kiss them.

Also, I wonder if you could update me on a long-past event? I'm reading "A Matter of Conscience" by Anne Packer about her husband, Constable David Packer. You must remember that, about the officer in Toronto who would not guard an illegal abortuary and lost his job. This book was written in '88, so I don't know the outcome of his appeal and I can't find anything much about him online. Do you know if his appeal was lost and, if so, what he did after that? I suppose he did lose it. My husband picked this up for me at our church library when I asked him to pick some books at random for me the other week; I'm so glad he did! Very inspiring.

I will CERTAINLY pray for you for your role in the upcoming March. We will be there!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a comment about the statement - "that economic collapse in the US economy because of the refusal of Americans to vote for a pro life presidential candidate."

In my opinion that is pure and utter bullshit(pardon my language). The economic decline started long before the American presidential election of November 2009. It was pure and utter greed on the part of many that caused the decline - banks lending money they didn't have, financial advisers such as Bernie Medoff who is presently going to stand for trial for one of the biggest fraud cases in US history - people like this are to blame for the economic crash - not the fact that a pro-life candidate was voted in as president. One might also take into account the absolute Greed, the anashamed actions of the unions! I capitalize greed because that is the one and only thing to blame here. There within lies the sin of man.

For God's sake, get your financial facts straight!

Anonymous said...

Here's a video that will enlighten you as to the causes (one of many) of the economic crash - not the election of a pro-life president.
This is dated December of 2008 I believe -

I can't believe you pro-lifers actually believe this. Perhaps you should read more on the financial situations throughout the world today - there's more than one thing that actually makes the world go round, you know!

ytba said...

I don't think that the anonymous poster(s) understand that G-d has many messengers. If He wants to have an effect on the economy (or anything, for that matter), He acts through those agents, and what appears to be a "natural" phenomenon, really has a spiritual cause. That's why Pharaoh didn't believe Moses till it was too late, because he kept seeing "natural" disasters.

Choose to miss it if you will, but there really are no "accidents." G-d is intimately involved in everything that happens everywhere. When one realizes that, one can't help but understand what our Sages meant when they said He is "awesome."