Friday, May 22, 2009

A Plan of Attack

Oklahoma just passed legislation that bans sex-selection abortion. I believe this is the first state to have ever done this, and perhaps this is what we should all be doing, those of us who really wish to reduce abortions.

Unfortunately, many women who emigrate to the western world come from countries where boys are the preferred sex of babies. Many of these women are aborting girl babies once they have an ultrasound to determine the sex. It doesn't take much thought to realise how discriminatory this is.

Recently, Andrea Mrozek of interviewed Ezra Levant and asked him advice on how to proceed in the abortion debate in our culture. One of the things that Ezra pointed out was the unfair practise of aborting girl babies, how this goes against everything that feminists stand for. However, it is usually feminists who are pro-abortion, so this fact is rather embarrassing to them. Exposing the use of abortion as sex-selection will show one very nasty side of abortion. Though it will be difficult and actually anti-feminist to support sex-selection abortion, feminists are going to have to do just that on principle.

So that leaves pro-aborts in a dilemma: support abortion as the right of a woman to control her reproductive health (and that will mean supporting a woman's right to abort a girl because it is a girl) or oppose abortion when it discriminates against females, as they are targeted to be aborted far more than males. This is a no-win situation for them.

This approach may well be one way to drive home how mind-boggling abortion really is: the killing of an innocent life, whether it be male or female.

The questions are not only will abortion proponents sue but if so, how will they sue? They're not immune to the public relations angle. How can they argue the right to abort daughters and not sons? They have to figure out if they can frame the debate in such a way as to minimize the PR downside, if challenging this is worth the PR nightmare that will result by endorsing killing girls.
- Dan McConchie of Americans United for Life

In Canada, pro-aborts will be rushing to state that this is not a person; how will they answer the fact that, since it is a girl baby, it must be a person? I think we just might be seeing a very large crack in the fortress surrounding abortion rights.

h/t Jill Stanek

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