Sunday, May 17, 2009

March for Life Halifax 2009

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to upload video coverage of our prayer vigil here on May 13 and the March for Life rally on May 14. The files are huge and I only managed to upload one. I think they will have to be split up before I can get them up for viewing.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the striking down of abortion law in Canada. Since that time, when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made abortion legal if approved by a three-member hospital board, there have been over 3 million deaths of innocent babies in this country. Given that our population is just a little over 30 million, this means that 1/10th of the population has been decimated. If a plague were to strike our country and threaten the lives of 10% of the people, it would be considered a national disaster. But this is abortion and a woman's right to decide the fate of her child trumps any other consideration.

We held a candlelight vigil on Wednesday, May 13 at the Victoria General Hospital. This is the same place that we hold 40 Days for Life. We had a good turnout of about 100 people and the event was peaceful. We had no pro-choice protestors this year; last year, we were harrassed by them because of the threat of Bill C-484, a bill to make it a crime to harm or kill the unborn, when violence is used against the mother. This was seen to be a back door to bringing the issue of the unborn's personhood back into the public discussion, so pro-choicers were fighting that mightily. This year, no bill - no opposition to pro-life. We are not seen as a threat this year.

(If only they knew ... pro-life is getting stronger and stronger, as people are becoming more aware of Obama's pro-abortion policies and this is filtering through even to our own country)

On Thursday, May 14, we staged a rally at Province House, the provincial legislature and had a turnout of around 140. This was much better than last year, when we had about 60 come out. Halifax has nowhere near the response of other cities, however; Victoria, BC had 2000 people come out, Edmonton and Winnipeg had over 500. And the national march in Ottawa had 12,000 come out to march; this was 50% more than last year. The national march got one short write-up in the Ottawa Citizen. But a scathing review of the media's coverage in the National Post by Michael Coren.

Shhh ... It's the March for Life. Pretend You Didn't Notice by Michael Coren

Here in Halifax, Global News did come out and they did a good report on the 11:30 pm news that evening. I didn't stay up for it, but my friend Ellen Chesal said it was fair and accurate and the reporter had good photos of our posters and signs. This was the first time we have had good coverage from the mainstream media, for which we are grateful.

The rally featured three presentations by Jeff Lutes, owner of Christian radio station CJLU, Anita Durette - a woman from Silent No More in Fredericton, NB, and myself representing 40 Days for Life.

I hope to be able to post the videos later this week. First they will have to be split up into several smaller segments and then I can load them. Meanwhile, I am keeping my computer open to the news from Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana where President Obama will be giving the commencement address to this year's graduation class this afternoon. Already 19 pro-life protesters have been arrested and placed in jail, including Randall Terry, Alan Keyes, Norma McCorvey (Jane Doe of the infamous Roe v Wade decree) and an 80-year old priest, Father Norman Weslin. As Alan Keyes stated earlier this week, they plan on filling the South Bend jails with pro-life protesters if that is what is required to make people notice the scandal created by Obama being honoured with a law degree by a Catholic university. A law degree! when this man does not recognize that the unborn should be protected by law! he should never be honoured with a degree in the area in which he has failed so miserably.

For those who think that Obama is not as anti-life as we make him out to be, bear in mind that he voted four times against the Infant Protection Act that would give medical help to infants who survived abortion. And Obama stated that his one biggest regret in life was voting to keep Terry Schiavo alive. These acts are unconscionable - there is no other description for them.

A very good article on why Notre Dame should not be honouring Obama with a doctor of laws is in yesterday's National Post.

Prestige over Truth, by Father Raymond J. de Souza

Latest updates on Notre Dame are available on Jill Stanek's site
Jill Stanek
Jill is at Notre Dame and she is taking photos, "twittering" and relaying information as quickly as she can.


The Comeau Family said...

GOOD for all those who were arrested! At the same time, my heart breaks for them and their families. And an 80-year-old priest??

I'd like to pretend that what's happening at Notre Dame isn't happening; it makes me too angry to read about it right now. So disgusting.

He had the nerve to tell the graduates to keep an "open mind" about abortion. An open mind? Then, let's allow the voices of the tiny Innocents to be heard as they are being slaughtered, let's allow THEM into the debate, let's hear their side of it, because if we could only hear what they go through during an abortion, the world would be full of their cries. I wish that could somehow happen. I wish we could hear them. I loathe, with all my heart, this call to "tolerate differing views" when it comes to abortion. Not a chance! Not when it comes to the sanctity of marriage or the life of an unborn child. It really is this black and white because it's a matter of life and death.

Thanks for having a place to vent, Julie. :) Also, thanks for writing about the March in Halifax. Georges and I (and Damien, sort of!) were interviewed by a Catholic newspaper; I felt dumb for not saying more, but I wasn't expecting to be interviewed and it caught me off guard. Oh well. :)

Julie said...

Elizabeth, you must have been interviewed by my friend, Nicole Myshak from the Atlantic Catholic. I will look forward to reading it in next month's issue.

Black and white, yes it is. People think that is unreasonable, but when you know that life is being taken, innocent life is being ended, abortion is black and white. It is the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy that are not black and white, not the issue of life and death.

studentmusings said...

Hey Julie!

I'm sad I missed this, it sounds amazing.

I'm an 18-year old pro-life Christian from the Annapolis Valley, and I'd love to attend these types of things (when school and finances permit.) Is there a mailing list or something I could get on?

Peace be with you,